Population: 320,000

Leadership: [[Daimyo Duango] and the Manticore Dynasty

Allies: Coalition States

Flag: Gold Field with Blue Manticore in center.


The kingdom of Zu lies in the northwest of Sia. Ruled by the militaristic Manticore Dynasty, Zu is constantly prepared for war with the other western kingdoms. It is a massive, walled city lying near the Mathosa Mountains. The military arts are strongly supported and all men must serve in the army. The kingdom is well known for it’s weapons and armor, and most agree it is the most dangerous of the three kingdoms. The kingdom is predominately human and has little contact with any other kingdom in the world. The Coalition States have recently (123 AW) formed an alliance with the kingdom of Zu.


Zu was formed after the Treaty of Roses in 42 AW with the other two Western Kingdoms. The Manticore Dynasty had been depleted greatly during the War of the Houses and it is openly known that the Dynasty only signed the Treaty because of their lack of resources to continue the war. Zu began militarizing immediately and border wars with Quan and Luix began in 46 AW. It was only with the combined effort of Luix and Quan that Zu ceased all open hostilities. Zu has been diplomatically closed from Luix or Quan since 58 AW. During the attacks by the Mathosa Horde in the 80s, Zu was mysteriously untouched leading many to suspect that the kingdom had some form of alliance with the Ogres. Zu entered into diplomatic talks with the Coalition States in 117 AW and announced a formal alliance in 123 AW.


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