Population: 410,000

Leadership: Daimyo Garlon and Chimera Dynasty

Allies: Solaris

Flag: White pyramid on an orange background


The eastern of the Sino Western Kingdoms, Quan is a kingdom of enigmatic people on the continent of Sia. It is a land of strange magics and fine arts. The kingdom itself is isolationistic and trades little with other kingdoms of the world. The structure of the Chimera Dynasty is a rigid one and people often live with strict codes of conduct. The citizens of Quan are skilled in some art, whether they be skilled in a trade, magic, or other elements. The few trade goods of Quan are known throughout the world.


After the Treaty of Roses was signed in 42 AW, the kingdom of Quan was founded by the Chimera Dynasty. Since that time, the nation was been diplomatically closed off to most other nations. Between 82 AW and 105 AW, Quan was the victim of numerous attacks by the Mathosa Horde. The Knights of Solaris journeyed far to aid the nation of Quan. Since that time, Quan has openly joined Solaris as an ally.


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