•  Lord Virgil Croak

    Lord Virgil Croak

    Grandmaster of the Knights of Solaris
  • Abacus Drogue

    Abacus Drogue

    Lord Commander of Coalition Forces. General of the Western Armies. Council Member of the Coalition States
  • Allister Dunscon

    Allister Dunscon

    Lord of Dwermore, Leader of the Federation of Magic
  • Amellania Telothien

    Amellania Telothien

    A lithe elven woman with long black hair, violet eyes and a tongue as sharp as her rapier.
  • Azer Draves

    Azer Draves

    Second Son of the Storm Lord
  • Benedict Draves

    Benedict Draves

    Third son of the Storm Lord.
  • Castelian Draves

    Castelian Draves

    The Storm Lord. Ruler of Harfax. Stewart of Tempest
  • Corrin Scard

    Corrin Scard

    Warlord of Castelon. Lord Commander of Castelonian Forces.
  • Egg Shen

    Egg Shen

    A strange, dirty little man who possesses incredible arcane power granted to him by the spirits of the earth
  • Evalen Medear

    Evalen Medear

    Mayor of Hillcrest
  • General Lucas Reid

    General Lucas Reid

    General of Coalition Army on Diplomatic Mission
  • Glod


    I'm a Dwarven Monk out to do good in the world.
  • Gregory Draves

    Gregory Draves

    Seventh Son of Castelian Draves.
  • Hendrix Draves

    Hendrix Draves

    Fifth son of the Storm Lord
  • Jamir


    I'm a jucier ala Rifts. Basically, I'm Henry Rollins with a great sword and a double dose of steroids.
  • Jerico Holtz

    Jerico Holtz

    Lord Commander of Forces. General of the Eastern Armies. Supreme Council Member
  • Jovan Prosek

    Jovan Prosek

    Emperor of the Coalition States of Mankind
  • King Robert Creed

    King Robert Creed

    King of Castelon. Renowned wizard, philosopher, politician and warrior.
  • Kros


    Mysterious warrior dedicated to fighting bare-handed
  • Mask


  • Protomer Draves

    Protomer Draves

    Sixth Son of Castelian Draves. Justicar of Harfax
  • Raulo Draves

    Raulo Draves

    Fourth Son of the Storm Lord
  • Rexus


    Dragon King. Red Dragon
  • Roger Belek

    Roger Belek

    King Robert Creed's Magistrate
  • Tannhauser


    The Greatest of the Dragon Kings. Ancient Gold Dragon
  • Ventralix


    Spawn of Ventrox.
  • Volker Draves

    Volker Draves

    Eldest son of the Storm Lord