Treachery in Ilamar

The party traveled up the Drake River to the sea and headed east towards Ilamar. They arrived in the port city of Porlan where Jamirintercepted a letter from General Reid. He confessed to the party that he occasionally received such communications and together they examined the document. It claimed to know that Gregory Draves was traveling with them! Despite this fact, there were elements of the letter that did not fit with General Reid’s writing or standard Coalition documents. The party deduced that the letter was a forgery, designed to trick them into abandoning Gregory before they arrived in Ilamar. The group determined that the only people that could have known Gregory was with them were the brothers present at his escape from Harfax,Protomer Draves or Hendrix Draves, leaving the party to now believe that Protomer still lived and was active in Ilamar!

The party traveled to Ilamar with extreme caution, believing an attack could come at anytime. Shortly after they arrived in the kingdom, the party was attacked by strange quicksilver creatures who leapt from the magic mirror the party had just acquired. The beasts each wore a strange silver collar and targeted the party while attempting to capture Gregory. The heroes soundly defeated the monsters and were taken into custody by Fouryan the district magistrate. Fouryan explained that the assailants were former prisoners of Ilamar’s monster containment facilities, but had recently died in an escape attempt. As this was obviously not the case, the party began an investigation and using scrying magic, they discovered that Protomer was in league with Duke Gilbert Seko. The party explained what they had found to Archduke Barabas Creevan, who granted them permission to question the warden of the containment facility. Once at the prison, the group discovered evidence of a cover-up concerning the quicksilver attackers and after interrogating the warden, the party pieced together Protomer’s plan. Protomer Draves had contacted Duke Seko and offered him the support of the Storm Lord in a coup if he supported Protomer now. The Duke agreed and Protomer took command of a fortress outside of Porlan and was having monsters, controlled by magical collars, brought to him to protect him while he prepared to attack his brother Raulo Draves. The party returned to the Archduke, who charged them to travel to the fortress and find written proof of this conspiracy. If they succeeded, Ilamar would support Castelon in the war against the Coalition. The party left immediately.

Using teleportation magic, the party arrived at the forgotten fortress and forced their way in. Once inside, they faced terrible beasts enslaved by mind controlling magic but where able to defeat the creatures. They learned that Protomer Draves had the dragon Erlan working with him and that the dragon was doing so of his own free will! The party faced Protomer Draves, who offered Castelon the immediate support of his armies in Harfax if they gave Gregory over to him. The party refused and were able to defeat Protomer Draves, with Gregory landing the killing blow. A search of Protomer’s quarters revealed correspondence between he and Duke Seko. They then faced Erlan the Blue offering him a chance to leave the fortress with his life. Erlan immediately attacked them and the party defeated him, casting his body into the sea, claiming his horde has their own.

The party returned to Ilamar and met with the Archduke, giving him all the proof they had found. The letters between Protomer and Seko would be more than enough to charge him with high treason. The archduke revealed that Protomer and Seko, in an attempt to cover their tracks, had ordered the wardens of their prison to sacrifice their charges to Samhain. The Archduke promised to send aid immediately.

The party decided on journeying to Luix to gather support. While preparing for the journey, Jamir was approached by General Lucas Reid who inquired about the letter that they intercepted. Reid appeared concerned about someone utilizing his name without his knowledge and thanked Jamir for stopping those responsible. The meeting was cordial and the party began to prepare for the long journey. Just before they left, Gregory wrote drafted a letter declaring that he yet lived and claiming his armies as well as Protomer’s. Before this declaration was made, the party left on their ship bound for Dunridge.



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