His Scrolls

Well, it has been quite some time since he had written of his adventures. Now would seem as good a time as any. Where to begin? Well, after travelling across the seas to the nation of Harfax to acquire aid for Castallon, he and his companions became caught up in some extensive courtly intrigue. It seemed that the Stormlord of Harfax was on death’s door and the successor would be one of his 7 sons. Which one in particular? Why the last one left alive. They all swore that the survivor would promise to aid them and Castallon add each of them inquired to him and his friends for aid. They attempted to aid the oldest, Vulker, but alas, his brother Rauls guise as a drunken fool was nothing more than a veneer, and Vulker paid for not seeing through it with his life. In the end it was decided to leave Harfax. But, of course, not without stacking the deck in their own favor. They agreed to bring with them the youngest of the brothers, Gregory, and train him to be a worthy Stormlord. They would then return him after the rest of the brothers had killed each other off and aid Gregory in smiting whichever brother remained. Harfax may prove to be their greatest ally. Well, he has more to tell, but they leave within a few hours time. He will write again later. He certainly is living in interesting times…..



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