Coalition Repor 4

To: Supreme Chancellor Jovan Prosek

From: General Delvan Bassett, Operations Commander for the Northern Campaign

Dear Sir,

I write to update you on our situation in the war with Quinslin. I regret that war against the forces of Quinslin is not going as planned. The nature of this halt in progress is best summarized by the following three points:

Quinslin has revealed new and terrible weaponry. We had initially planned on facing their standard equipment, including old style Coalition weapons and armor and their own Platinum Drake Armor suits. We believed that these Platinum Drake (PD) suits were few in number and Quinslin’s cannon technology was twenty years behind our own. It appears that these beliefs are considerably off. Quinslin has, by my estimate, over 1000 PD suits and are actively using them against us. Indeed, there are additional designs of the Platinum Drake suits never previously seen. Additionally, Quinslin’s cannon technology is on par with our own. Both of these factors were not expected and surprise has robbed our forces of the quick victory we had hoped. Where these technologies came from is easy to guess: Harfax. Quinslin’s alliance with Harfax no doubt allowed them the resources to upgrade their technology and produce units very quickly. They must have been planning this war for the past several years showing that their treachery knows no bounds.

We are at a considerable disadvantage and one that is quite unexpected. The military doctrine of the Coalition States has allowed us to defeat any foe we have encountered. It is what our soldiers trust in to bring them home safe and what we believe will carry the day. I remind you that even the larger nations of Belstinand our new allies in Zu beg for us to share our advanced art of war with them.

Unfortunately, Quinslin was part of the Coalition States until several months ago. While they had been cut off in recent years from the updates to combat doctrine, they have decades of knowledge about how we operate. Standard maneuvers and tactics were put to work immediately, only to be brutally countered. Quinslin has known exactly what we were going to do and how to stop it. Sadly, the same cannot be said for our side. Quinslin, no doubt preparing for war, has radically altered their tactics and is unpredictable at best. This combination has made the Quinslin forces incredibly deadly.

The third point may appear to be the least of our concerns, but I feel that it is the most damaging to our cause. Our men are trained by doctrine to hate everything that’s not human and to use their skills to protect humanity. In the past, our “human” adversaries consisted of insane cultists or vile sorcerers. Education of our citizens showed the evil in these things and our men did not hesitate to stamp out these opponents when needed.

Quinslin has not conformed to this fact. While Quinslin is traitorous, they are not vile (not my person opinion, my Lord) like the other humans we’ve faced. They are men like us that normally fight against inhuman forces to protect their people. Our men are facing people just like themselves, indeed some of our troops have done tours in Quinslin and may even know some of their adversaries. This is troubling because it has weakened the resolve of our soldiers. They are confused about why we are fighting people that until very recently we our brothers. The men must be pushed to maximize their efforts. There are no reports from my field commanders of disobedience, but I fear that that may soon be upon us.

There is a silver lining in this factor, I believe that Quinslin is experiencing the same thing. This has kept causalities to a minimum.

We have superior numbers and we will succeed eventually, however these factors will impede our progress. I estimate we may have 35% casualties as a result of these factors and this conflict will drag out for months, if not years. If these factors could be eliminated, I believe that the casualty rates would drop by 12% and the conflict may be over before the new year. I propose the following strategies to overcome these obstacles:

Identify the source of these new technologies and find a way to stop further production.

Through diplomacy with Harfax and/or espionage, discover the extent of Quinslin’s new technologies.

Authorize the creation of new combat doctrines to use against Quinslin. General Holtzwould be a wise choice and perhaps he should be reassigned to the Quinslin front. Giving Quinslin an unpredictable enemy would take away a major advantage they have.

Investigate the disappearance of Lady Grace Prosek to uncover evidence implicating Quinslin. This would sufficiently villainize the enemy and the hesitation our men have been experiencing will vanish.

I await further instruction.

Your obedient servant,

General Delvan Bassett



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