Western Kingdoms

The Western Kingdoms is the collective name for the kingdoms north of the Mohaine Desert and west of Amil. During The Second Dragon War, the Warlords Sait and Kulak ruled this area and Sait had a vast number of slave camps here. During The Third Dragon War, these camps were liberated and each one became a village or kingdom ruled by a House. The former fortress of Sait, Luix became the capitol of the Western Kingdoms after its liberation and refoundation in 3 AW.

There were dozens of these small kingdoms united under Luix until the War of the Houses. In 38 AW, the war set the Western Kingdoms ablaze and led to horrible destruction across the land. Luix was razed and thousands were killed.

After the war, the kingdom of Luix was rebuilt and it is now a nation encompassing a third of the old Western Kingdoms. The new nations of Quan and Zu take up the remaining parts of the old Western Kingdoms and all three are now known as the Jewels of the West.

Today, the phrase Western Kingdoms applies to the three nations and their dozens of towns and villages.

Western Kingdoms

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