Vugan & Sibur

Statistics (respectively)

Population: 390,000 & 245,000

Leadership: [Hall of the Forge]] and the Balazr the Grandsmith of Sibur

Allies: Castelon, Volmir, Dunridge, Amil

Flag: Grey Field with a Red Hammer + Black Field with a white and red axe


Vugan and Sibur are the twin kingdoms of the Dwarves. Often considered one kingdom (fore it’s no secret that the two kingdoms act in tangent), the kingdoms of the Dwarves were formed shortly after the start of The Second Dragon War. The kingdoms are ancient, among the oldest in the world and home to the race of dwarves. Indeed, all dwarves can trace a recent ancestor to the cities if not being from them themselves! Vugan is the larger of the two cities, perched high on the mountain cliff of the Granite Forge Mountains. It covers vast area of land, sections of the city joined by underground tunnels. As a result, the summit fortress of Vugan covers forty miles of open mountainous peeks! Sibur lies twenty miles to the north on the shores of a vast mountaintop lake. Much of Sibur lies underground in caverns and chambers. The governments of the cities act in accordance with one another and frequently meet together every few months to discuss the future.


The cities announced their presence in 462 DW and were immediately attacked by the Dragon Warlords. No force was able to penetrate the cities and the Warlords eventually gave up to focus on one another in 468 DW. As a result, the cities were able to prosper and offer much aid to the forces of the Resistance during The Third Dragon War. The cities of Vugan and Sibur are known for their hospitality and offer protection of their fortresses to any who come. Today, the cities of the Dwarves are known for their trade of excellent weapons and armor and support any who oppose the Coalition States and any evil foe.


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