Population: 620,000

Leadership: Lord Tilas and The Nine

Allies: Amil, Luix and Vugan & Sibur

Flag: Yellow Field with Dark Blue Borders


Volmir is a large city on the southern peninsula of Sia. The people of the kingdom are predominately elven with a multitude of other races calling it their home. Volmir is a shinning city of glass and ivory. It is a place of beauty renowned for its artists, vast gardens and peaceful ways. The kingdom has a skilled military and routinely battles against bandits and monsters but has little concern for large scale attacks.


After The First Dragon War separated the race of the elves, the southern elves were herded into a large camp where they could be easily managed by Lushael under Malthax’s guidance. During The Second Dragon War, Lushael used the camp as a fortress city and prison. The fortress was sacked and the elves liberated by the Resistance in 523 DW. The city was founded shortly after that.

For almost forty years the kingdom of Volmir knew peace. However, in 3 AW a terrible civil war suddenly started with the death of the First Council. The war was quick and brutal, destroying the kingdom and killing many inhabitants. Celieis was killed during the conflict and the Second Council of Nine, with the new Lord Nithcon, sought to rebuild the city.

Since that time, the elves of Volmir have known relative peace. Volmir has friendly relations with most other kingdoms, but only truly call their lost kin and the Dwarves their allies.


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