Ventrox was the name of Malthax’s top general and was one of The Dragon Warlords. He was an ancient black dragon who was based in the land now known as Eur

The First Dragon War

Ventrox was the main military aid to Malthax during The First Dragon War. He lead the eastern armies of Malthax’s war machine and was responsible for hundreds of victory’s during the course of the war. Ventrox was incredibly bloodthirsty and vicious to his foes. During the Period of Tranquility, Ventrox was given rule over Eur.

The Second Dragon War

When Malthax vanished in 451 DW, Ventrox assumed that he would be declared the new Overlord of Erenor. He did not take into account his kin’s treachery and was caught unawares when he was attacked days after he took Malthax’s throne. This arrogance is often credited as his main downfall, for scholars point out that he was the most powerful of the Dragon Warlords and could have easily quelled them all if he had prepared for the war the war that the others had during the Period of Tranquility. He was able to push all the other Warlords out of Eur within two years, but he was never able to regain the strength of his armies to assault the others in their capitols.

The Third Dragon War

The Resistance did not arrive to Eur during The Third Dragon War. Ventrox’s kingdom of human slaves began open rebellion in 527 DW. Ventrox slew thousands in an attempt to shatter the will of the humans living in his Varghen Mountain kingdom. Warlord Kulak saw an opportunity in the chaos and ambushed Ventrox. The two dragons fought for three days until finally Ventrox overcame Kulak and ripped his arm off. Kulak fled and was pursued by Ventrox. In his rage he did not see another ambush coming, this time from the rebellion who had been watching the battle. Ventrox, weaked by the duel with Kulak, could not fight the humans and was destroyed.

It is believed that Ventrox sired at least two hatchlings: Ventralixand Kaltaval


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