The Nine

The Nine are the governing body of the kingdom of Volmir. It assists the elven king in making decisions and serves as the primary lawmakers in the kingdom. The King’s position is the primary executive power and works in concert with the Nine.

The Nine were founded when the kingdom was first created in 523 DW. The original members of the Nine, known as the First Council, with the First Lord of Volmir, Celieis the Valiant, shaped the city into what it is today. One of the greatest tragedies of the elves of Volmir is the loss of the First Council in 3 AW when they were slain in an ambush by radical elves. This sparked a great civil war that destroyed the city. The Second Council was founded days after the rebel faction was defeated. The Second Council sought to rebuild the kingdom and were successful in their designs. Once this great task was defeated and the city had fifty years of peace, the Second Council universally stepped down and were replaced by their chosen successors in 66 AW.

Currently, the Third Council rules with the Lord of Volmir and is currently made up of the following members:


Recently, a band of heroes discovered a terrible secret: the First Council was slain by Celieis who had fallen to darkness.

The Nine

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