The Eye of Zorlon

The party arrived in Quan and sought out Daimyo Garlan, but had difficulty as they were no longer representatives of Castelon. Aiden and Egg Shen were able to arrange a meeting with the Daimyo after respectively intimidating and bartering with key members of the Chimera Dynasty. The party was able to meet with Garlan, but the wizard king was aloof and did not wish to aid the party in anyway. When reminded about the party’s previous assistance, Garlan but noted that the magic Azer Draves wrought on the Marthosa Ogres had weakened the barrier between the material plane and the Far Realms, allowing vile aberrations to cross into Erenor. He also stated that a bizarre cult dedicated to the Dust Lord had formed around the Drave’s former lair. The party offered to eliminate the foul cult if Garlan would allow them to use of the Eye of Zorlon. Daimyo Garlan agreed to the terms and the party set out to face the forces of the Dust Lord.

The party marched into the destabilized zone on the border of Quan and Zu and faced dozens of depraved human cultists and powerful aberrations that had gathered at the base of the Mount Filicoro. At the center of it all, was a creature calling itself Ioyi. Egg remarked that this was one of the terrible exarchs of the Dust Lord! In a bizarre conversation, with the oily monster communicating through the corpses of its followers, Ioyi described that it was on Erenor to empower a cult that will help to bring the Dust Lord to the world, “ending the reign of the seasons, the sun and the sea”! The Exarch offered the party terrible power in exchange for their support, but the heroes were not swayed and attacked the alien fiend. The fight against Ioyi monster was truly horrific and Jamir and Kros were killed. All seemed lost but, as the party prepared to meet their deaths, the heroes were imbued with the holy power of the gods of the seasons, Lir and Solaris. Armed with this power, the party was able to defeat Ioyi and destroy the cult. As the gift of the gods faded, Glod was able to cast resurrection spells to revive Jamir and Kros.

The heroes returned to Garlan and he begrudgingly allowed the use of the Eye of Zorlon. Using the scrying and divination powers of the Eye, Egg was able to discern that General Holtz did indeed live and had been pushed into the Formian Hivelands during the Sorcerer’s revenge. However, the General’s military leadership, allowed he and his army to push through the hives and survive in the desolate lands beyond. The General had been hiding for months, using powerful magic to hide his presence and awaiting the attack on Castelon so he can surprise the Castelonian forces.

The party left Quan immediately and teleported to Numas. Meeting with King Lazo, Emperor Prosek and Gregory, the heroes shared the information about General Holtz. The Emperor said that Holtz likely did not know about Karl’s coup and believed he would still be loyal to him. Wasting no time, the party left the Princes of Harfax in Numas and teleported to the hiding place of General Holtz. The Coalition soldiers were surprised and were about to attack the party, when they recognized the Emperor. The warriors kneeled to Prosek, and General Holtz appeared before them. The General pledged his loyalty, but the Emperor urged him to hear their story and make his own descion. Prosek explained that he was misguided in his war against Castelon and told all of the suffering it has caused. Holtz was no stranger to the horrors of this war and remarked that only his loyalty to the Emperor had him continue to lead his men. Prosek and the party explained that Karl had seized control of the Coalition and vowed to burn Castelon to the ground, and continue the genocidal campaign beyond Castelon to all of Eur. Holtz and his army pledged to aid Castelon against the Karl Prosek’s forces.

The party stayed with the Emperor and Holtz and communicated with the Draves brothers in Numad via scrying mirrors. They learned from King Lazo that Raulo’s forces had landed south of the Coalition and would join them in marching on Castelon. Gregory’s Harfaxian forces would be arriving in Numas within the week. With this information, the party planned a massive assault, corresponding with the final attack on Castelon by the forces of the Coalition and Raoul Draves: as Castolian troops fought against the Coalition/Harfax force, Gregory and Henrdix would lead their army (with support from Numas) and attack from the west while the Emperor would attack with Holtz’s army from the East. The party was tasked to kill Warmaster Scard and attempt to save King Creed from his madness. Gregory and Hendrix would attempt to slay Raoul and the Emperor had to defeat his son Karl.

The Eye of Zorlon

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