The Deck of Many Things

The party then began to talk about what to do with the Orb. They determined that their choices were the Emperor, King Creed or Gregory. Weighing the options carefully, they agreed that the best choice was the Emperor, for he could end the war. The party would have to help Gregory defeat Raul and suspected that Warmaster Scard would need to be removed from any position of power by force. They tasked Kros with remaining in Malthax’s tomb and meet them in two days time, or deliver the orb himself to the Emperor.

Feeling that they needed to empower themselves further, the party used a carefully worded wish spell to give them the mythic Deck of Many Things! The Deck appeared before them and they began drawing cards, hopefully to improve their fate. Jamir went first, drawing three cards, He drew the Throne card, granting him a keep somewhere in the world, the Rogue card, which turned an ally against him and the Donjon card, imprisoning him far away! Though shocked by Jamir’s disappearance, the party pressed on. Ferrilad went next, drawing the Moon card, granting him a wish and the Sun card, which empowered him vastly. Ferrilad used his wish to return Jamir to the party. Amellania went next, and drew the Void card, which ripped her soul from her body and imprisoned in in the clutches of one of The Fallen! Egg Shen and Glod followed suit and each drew the Void card!! Shattered at the loss of half the party, Aiden drew three cards: the Ruin card, which stripped him of all his possession, the Comet card, which would improve his fate after his next victory, and finally the Moon card. Aiden used the wishes he gained to go back in time to warn Amellania, Egg and Glod to not draw from the deck. Aiden merged with his past self and successfully averted disaster! Jamir only pulled a single card and Ferrilad used his wish to have the Emperor expect a visit from the party.

The party then left to go to dinner with Markus. At the dinner, the heroes discovered that Markus’s guest wasn’t Raul, but Hendrix! Hendrix was badly injured, likely from his escape from Protomer and was in a catatonic state. Markus explained that Hendrix had journeyed into the dungeon of Dwermore to save Lady Grace Prosek, who had been a prisoner for the past five years! His soul had been trapped in a magic mirror during the quest. Amellania deduced that the entire war against Castelon had stemmed from the alleged murder of Lady Prosek and her son, Jonathan. The party decided to then rescue Lady Prosek and Hendrix’s soul!

Lord Markus teleported the party into the dungeon in order to rescue Hendrix’s soul and the Emperor’s wife. They were immediately beset by the prison’s hobgoblin guards. The party fought through the guards and narrowly escaped a deadly crushing wall trap. They faced the Prison Warden, who was one of the Fallen and gleefully sadistic. Defeating this creature, the party were able to rescue Lady Prosek from her cage and shatter the mirror that held Prince Hendrix’s soul. Lady Prosek had been tortured daily for years by Allister Dunscon and was terrified of the non-human members of the party. She stayed close to Jamir, who seemed to ease her with knowledge that he was from Quinslin. The party charged the newly revived Hendrix to protect Lady Prosek while they continued into the dugneon to free the remaining prisoners of Dwermore.

Following the rescue of Lady Prosek from the Dwermore dungeon, the party returned to the dungeon to free the remaining prisoners. There they found deadly traps and Fallen guardians, discovering that the remaining prison held powerful creatures, including several demonic Fallen, imprisoned because they were erroneously summoned to Erenor. There was a powerful vampire lord, an exarch of Gwaf, and a human cleric bound to the forgotten god Atarop. These foul beasts attempted to parlay for their freedom but the party, counseled by Glod, rebuked these creatures and left them to their hateful imprisonment.

Returning to Lord Markus’s lair, the party meet with Hendrix, Lady Grace Prosek and Markus. Grace cowered near Hendrix, as he was one of the only human heroes. Markus explained that things had gone terribly in Quinslin. Lord Scard had met with the Prime Minister of Quinslin instead of the party and brokered a truce between them. Scard summoned an army of Fallen and marched against the Coalition in the North supported by Quinslin troops. As the battle appeared to have been won by Scard and the Northern Coalition Force destroyed, the Quinslin troops began attacking the Castelonian forces! Markus suspected this was either the plan of the Quinslin troops the whole time or they had been so horrified at the demon army Scard brought with him that they couldn’t bear to see their former brothers slaughtered. Whatever the reason, the Coalition stopped attacking the Quinslin troops and together they defeated Scard’s army. Scard had survived and escaped to Castelon. The Emperor declared that he was wrong to wage war against fellow humans, stating that the real enemy was Castelon! Quinslin was granted its independence and the Northern Coalition Army was marching to Castelon, accompanied by three divisions of Platinum Dragons from Quinslin! Markus told the party that Castelon was relatively unprotected since the foreign aid that was bolstering their army had now withdrawn, and Castelon would surly fall to the new onslaught—- even with the help of the Dragon Kings. Castelon’s only hope would be if the party could use the Orb of Zorlon on the Emperor!

The Deck of Many Things

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