Feast Day: Giamonious 1

Symbol: A shinning blue shield with a brilliant silver sun behind.

Avatar: An old man, clad in shinning armor armed with a longsword and shield.

Solaris is the name of the God of Truth and Justice. Often considered the most frequently worshiped of the gods, Solaris is linked to the sun and therefor considered the giver of life. Solaris is openly worshiped in almost every city and by every race of Erenor. Considered on par with Lir and any collection of the gods of the seasons, Solaris is also known for his frequent divine interventions. With the disappearance of Atarop, Solaris is unopposed by any of the gods directly. He is also linked to the strange god Selene, though few of his followers ever discuss her. Solaris is well known for his order, the Knights of Solaris and the city founded in his name.


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