The continent of Sia is the largest on Erenor. It is a land of warm climates and flat farmlands. A wide variety of strange beings call Sia their home, a collection of creatures not found anywhere in the world. The kingdoms of Sia are much like the land itself, with cultures and people that are exotic to the rest of the world.

The southern section of Sia is mostly lush plains with some forest. This area has extensive coastline and a climate that is pleasant and warm year round. The kingdom of the elves Volmir is located on the western peninsula and numerous other settlements and villages exist throughout the hospitable land.

The center of Sia is dominated by the Mohaine Desert. This vast wasteland is the largest of it’s kind in the world. Indeed no other forest, mountain range, plain or swamp approaches the size of the Mohaine Desert. This harsh landscape is home to numerous small settlements as well as the large nomadic tribes of the Hassites. Towards the east of the desert lies the kingdom of Dunridge.

The northern section of Sia is a wide expanse of rolling hills and deep forests. The Lacaun and Ashael Rivers are major features of this area, being the longest running in the world. The kingdoms of Luix, Quan and Zu lie around these rivers in the area known as the Western Kingdoms. To the north, the Mathosa mountain range cuts of the southern kingdoms from the coast. These mountains are not as high as the other mountain ranges in the world, but feature deep caves and are home to a large tribe of ogres. The eastern part of Sia is home to the Silver Wood Elves. The Silver Wood forest is the largest single forest in the world and is incredibly deep. The elves of this forest live in the kingdom of Amil. To the south of the Silver Wood Forest lie the Gaddish Feeds.


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