Population: 98,000

Leadership: Governor Orland Daywin

Allies: Belstin

Flag: Yellow field with red flames along borders.


Coreeth is a small kingdom lying to the west on Frica. It is built just outside the Black Hills. The kingdom is built like a massive military base and is utilitarian in design. The kingdom is officially a colony of Belstin. The kingdom’s isolation from Belstin and its location near the Black Hills makes it a constant target of the Marauders and other vile monsters. As a result, Sator is incredibly militaristic and all of its citizens are expected to serve in the kingdom’s defense. The kingdom still attracts people to it as it is growing and a place for adventure.


After the Drake War, Belstin began to explore the land to the west. The colony of Sator was founded in 33 AW. Starting as little more than a military outpost, the kingdom grew quickly when rumors of gold began to spread wildly. Many people found wealth and travelers are still drawn here. hundreds of miles just to visit.


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