Recovery of The Orb

Amellania, Glod, Kros, Ferrilad and Adien were locked in the dungeon of the King’s Spire in Castelon after Egg Shen teleported away with Jamir and the Skull of Zorlon. The party remained locked away for a day not knowing their fate. Gregory had been separated from them and was kept in a royal apartment with a detachment of guards due to his rank as a prince. Gregory was allowed to meet with them and discuss the reaction of the King. Creed’s anger had mellowed, but was replaced with a sense of betrayal.

Meanwhile, Egg and Jamir where in Hillcrest gathering supplies. They discussed trying to recover the Orb from Dunridge themselves, but Jamir noted that the rest of the group would be coming for them. Jamir believed that they would be sent by the king to recover the Skull and they would have an opportunity to explain themselves to their friends. The Orb was the most important thing and everything else could be figured out afterwards. Egg sent a message to the party and then summoned a demon to take the skull from the plane. The two then began a series of teleportaion jumps to arrive in Dunridge and begin their quest. They arrived at the grand library of Dunridge and began to research the possible final resting place of Malthax!

The party received Egg’s message “The Skull is gone. Going to Dunridge to get the Orb”. They told Creed that they would recover the Skull and bring Egg before him. The King agreed, fearing that Egg had turned evil like Torrel . Gregory would have to remain behind, in the care of Creed. The party was freed and prepared to leave. The Warmaster approached them and told them to bring Egg back alive so that he could execute him. Scard made veiled threats against Gregory and departed for Quinslin to attempt to gain support in an offensive campaign against the Coalition States. The party left through a teleportaion circle to Dunridge. They were greeted by Markus, one of the High Lords of Magic of the Federation. Markus led them to his guest chambers where he revealed where Egg and Jamir were and offered to teleport there. Before they left, Markus revealed that he was having dinner with one of the Sons of Castelian Draves. The party felt that this meant Raulo was following them.

The party teleported to the library where Egg and Jamir were studying. Quick talking stopped all out bloodshed between the friends. It was suspected that Creed’s demeanor had changed for the good after the skull was taken and that Scard was likely influencing the king towards unnecessary violence. The party continued to discuss who would get the Orb, eventually agreeing that Kros would protect it until the party made a group decision as to which of the kings in the world would get the orb. Egg communicated with the spirit of the old citadel of Malthax and found that the body of Malthax, and this the orb, rested in a tomb underneath the monument to the Overlord. They learned from the spirit that the tomb was sealed by a command word “Tannhauser”.

Using this knowledge, the party found the tomb and entered into the final resting place of the Overlord of Erenor. They encountered a deadly maze filled with demonic enemies summoned from the Abyss and terrible traps that all but killed the party several times. The party deduced that this dungeon was so deadly that several other parties had attempted this adventure and failed. They also believed that the maker of this maze never left. After fighting their way through, the party discovered a massive statue of Malthax! They discovered that the statue wasn’t a statue at all…but Malthax’s body turned to stone! After discussing on the best plan of action, the party spoke the command word once again and Malthax’s body returned to living flesh! The party stood face to face with the greatest foe the world had even known! They quickly discovered, however, that Malthax had been changed…by the Orb they sought. The ancient wyrm explained that a group of great heroes brought him the Orb during the Period of Tranquility and it immediately changed him for the good. Malthax had seen the suffering he had caused the world and how it would never be able to return without his direct action. Knowing that his disappearance would be the change the world needed to be able to fight back, Malthax imprisoned himself in stone and hid from the world. The party explained to him the state of the world and what they sought. Malthax offered wisdom to the party, giving reasoning to give the Orb to any of the kings, and guidance on how to help the others. Malthax said that he could not chose for them, as it was no longer his world. The Orb rested physically in his heart and the party would need to strike him down. Malthax went peacefully and the party carved the perfect crystal orb from Malthax’s heart.

With the Orb the party now faced a dilemma… who give it to?

Recovery of The Orb

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