Population: 440,000

Leadership: Prime Minister Jacob Lorne and the Parliment

Allies: Harfax

Flag: Black and Red divided field with a white sword


Quinslin is a large human kingdom past the Shave Mountains in the northern point of Eur. It is a kingdom known for advanced military technology and magic as well has being a sea-faring nation. The kingdom is made up of human supremists like the Coalition States, but are ruled by a democratic government. The kingdom is a prosperous one due to it’s trade with Harfax.


Quinslin was established in 41 AW. It was founded by humans living at the base of the Shav Mountains who were beset by terrible monsters. Quinislin’s first decade of existence was one of isolation and uncertainty. Communication with the kingdoms of Chible and Iron Ridge in 53 AW led to the three nations beginning open trade and support. Throughout the decade, Quinslin benefited greatly from the budding alliance. During the 60s, Quinslin was only minimally assaulted by the hordes of monsters attacking the lower kingdoms and offered great aid to it’s southern allies. The kingdom eagerly joined open alliance in 72 AW and began to act with the forming Coalition and the Knights of Solaris against the forces of Dwermore. Throughout the war, Quinslin suffered few attacks directly and lost few troops. At the conclusion of the war in 88 AW, Quinslin joined the Coalition States formerly.

Throughout the early years of the Coalition States, Quinslin was an avid member and supporter. However, as Supreme Chancellor Prosek gained power he sought more central governing of the Coalition States, a move that the distant kingdom of Quinslin resisted. It is possible that the kingdom could have been quelled, but the Chancellor’s assassination in 97 AW delayed the talks. Quinslin offered limited support during the Second Bloody Campaign, instead builds a secret alliance with Harfax. When Jovan Prosek took control of the Coalition six years later, Quinslin had removed itself from most internal governing, with Prime Minister Lorne being the only member of the Quinslin government to be connected to Chible. Throughout the military actions of the 100s and 110s, Quinslin was aloof sending minimal troops to aid their allies. Quinslin’s alliance with Harfax was uncovered in 119 AW and Lady Grace Prosek is sent on a diplomatic mission to strengthen Quinslin’s place in the Coalition States. She is attacked along the way and vanishes. The mission fails and over the next several years the relations between Quinslin and the rest of the Coalition grows dismal. Quinslin is not a part of the plan to declare war on Castelon and takes the war as an chance to break free. Several weeks after the Coalition begins to move, Quinslin succeeds from the Coalition States. The Coalition immediately declares war on their former ally and the Castelonian War becomes a two front conflict.


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