Population: 630,000

Leadership: King Lazo and the College of Learning

Allies: Vugan & Sibur, Castelon, and Ilamar

Flag: Purple Field with a Silver tower


Numas is a large kingdom lying on the southern coast of Eur. It is a seafaring kingdom and is renowned for it’s support of learning and peace. Numas is home to the best libraries in the world and is one of the few places with accurate information about the Dragon Wars and the Age of Antiquity. It has a small but skilled militia to aid in protecting it against bandits. The kingdom welcomes the military might of its allies to protect it from open aggression.


Numan was founded in 46 AW on the ruins of WarlordEshu‘s stronghold. It is rumored that Eshu’s horde included vast amounts of books from across the centuries and is here that Numas gained its great resources. Immediately allying with Castelon in 53 AW, the two kingdoms shared a vision of peace and equality for a generation. In the late 90s, Numas withdrew somewhat from Castelon as they prepared for attack by the Coalition States. Under the rule of King Robert Creed, Numas has become more distant, but continues to pledge its support to their old ally.


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