Malthax was a elder red wyrm that is best known as the leader of the Alliance. He is often referred to in the greatest tales of the Age of Antiquity and today his name is only whispered.

Malthax’s early life is the tale of legends and no solid facts exist. He was old when he forged the Alliance in 997 BW. Throughout The First Dragon War he acted as the sole leader of the massive world wide Alliance. The rare incidents of insubordination were handled quickly and brutally by Malthax. Malthax’s power is said to have rivaled some of the greater avatars of the gods. Malthax is thought to be one of the greatest minds in the history of the plane, one that set it’s sights on selfish and evil designs. Prior to the war, Malthax had secretly banded the greatest dragons and evil nations together under one banner. This is often shown to be evidence of Malthax’s incredible charisma. Cunning and vastly wise, Malthax constantly outmatched the leaders of the Resistance, luring them into trap after trap. He never took risks and often let the Resistance win a battle, only to lead them to greater losses at a future date.

After the First Dragon War, Malthax ruled as the Overlord of Erenor. His rule was unquestioned and through his wise but cold guidance, the world of Erenor was rebuilt and an area of thousands of miles spanning three continents was controlled. For 23 years Malthax was master of the entire plane.

Malthax vanished in 451 DW. When his vast fortress of Dwermore was searched, the Overlord could not be found. His servants and companions were all missing. His horde was never found. Where he had gone or if he continued to live was unknown. Malthax was quickly forgotten by his servants as The Second Dragon War began several days after he disappeared. Malthax was never seen again.


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