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The current campaign is set one hundred twenty years after the end of The Third Dragon War. The world is new to its current inhabitants. The Dragon Wars waged for the better part of six hundred years and literally destroyed the world. These terrible conflicts as well as the Great Cataclysm, cracked and shaped the world. The upheaval was so great that no kingdom from the Age of Antiquity survived. Whole races were exterminated and the world itself changed. The current kingdoms have only recently been founded, with the eldest only standing for one hundred years. The world is wild and new with vast areas of unexplored frontier. The peoples of Erenor banded together into city states generations ago and are just now starting to branch out.

The landscape of Erenor is composed of three large continents: Eur, Sia and Frica. A fourth large island is often considered a continent: Arlin. The lands are vast and are home to a wide variety of topographies and climates. Between these lands lie numerous large islands and an unknown number of smaller islands. The continents are close together and travel between them is frequent. An endless sea surrounds these lands and no other lands are known.

Even after the destruction of the Dragon Wars, the races of Erenor are diverse. Elves, humans, dwarves, orcs, goblins, dragons, giants and many other races populate the land. Even with a wide diversity, the races of Erenor were decimated and, with every race, its members are trying to rebuild their numbers. A side effect of the Dragon Wars and the Great Cataclysm was the migration and relocation of many races. As a result, few races can call any one kingdom their home and most cities tend to be cosmopolitan.

The religion of Erenor is tied to the seasons, the sun and the sea. The gods of the seasons are powerful and have a major effect on the lives of the people. As a result, every seasonal god is worshiped equally and are celebrated according to the season they are tied to. Solaris, the god of the sun is equally revered, if only for his benevolence and life giving power. Lir is the god of the sea and the storm, he is frequently worshiped in coastal communities, but is acknowledged as a bringer of storms and is held in high esteem across the land.

There are twelve months in the calendar of Erenor. The start of the year is winter, followed by spring, summer and fall. The winters are harsh times of heavy snowfall over most of the world and terrible frosts. The first month is Dumannios (The Darkest Month), followed by Riuros (the Cold Time), and Anagantios (the Brutal Time). Spring is a time of heavy rains and great storms. The spring begins with Orgonious (Thaw Time), followed by Cutios (Wind Time), and Giamonios (Festival Time). Summer is a season of great heat and war. Summer starts with Simivisons (Bright Time), Equos (Horse Month), and Elembious (Time of Claims). The autumn is the time of harvest and preparation of the death that winter brings. The final season of autumn begins with Edrinios (The Judgment Time), then Cantlos (the Month of Song) and finally Samonios (the Shadow Fall).

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