Lushael was the name of one of Malthax’s generals and was one of the last of the The Dragon Warlords. She was an ancient white dragon who was based in the land now known as Sia

The First Dragon War

Lushael was one Malthax’s military leaders during The First Dragon War. Regarded as a brute, Lusahel was often ordered to attack targets herself during the war.She led few armies, preferring to assault forces herself using her terrible breath weapon and overpowering might. While believed not as cunning as her kin, Lushael excelled in martial combat and her presence alone won several battles. She served as Malthax’s personal bodyguard during several campaigns as well.

The Second Dragon War

Lushael terrorized the people of Sia during The Second Dragon War. she delighted in torturing the elves under her rule and would use them as shock troops against her kin Sait and Kulak. Lushael would constantly battle them, indeed defeating them in single combat repeatedly, however they always were able to escape and push Lushael back to her fortress in the south.

In a daring assault, Lushael led an army to assault the capitol of Zaad, Belstin in 478 DW. Zaad was able to rout the invaders and chased after the fleeing Warlord. However, Lushael had laid a trap and was able to corner Zaad and slew him. Lushael felt that she could take Zaad’s former capitol with ease and marched on the city. The people of Belstin were able to defeat her and force her army to flee. Lushael returned to Sia and continued her battle against her northern kin.

The Third Dragon War

Lushael fought frequently against the Resistance in the starting days of The Third Dragon War. She fought brutally and left hundreds of frozen corpses in her wake. However, she was outsmarted by the Resistance and her fortress was liberated in 523 , freeing her elven slaves. Lushael was forced to flee from Sia and relocated to Frica.

Lushael avoided Belstin and Ilamar and prowled the Black Hills for years. Finally, in 536 DW, Lushael was surrounded in the Black Hills by the forces of the Resistance led by Celieis the Valiant and was killed.


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