Population: 510,000

Leadership: [[Daimyo Karrakus] and the Dragon Dynasty

Allies: Amil and Volmir

Flag: Green Diamond on a Red and Blue Field.


The largest and oldest of the western kingomds, Luix is a strange and exotic land lying in northern Sia. It is predominately human, but welcomes elves from Amil and any travelers to their land. The society of Luix is a rich one with great tradition and vast resources. The people of Luix are content and are treated well by the ruling dynasty. The military of Luix is ever watchful of their rivals, though there hasn’t been a conflict with the other Western Kingdoms for almost a generation.


Luix was a vast fortress citadel for the Dragon Warlord Sait during The Third Dragon War. It was located over fifty miles from the kingdoms current location, at the delta of the Ashael and Laucan Rivers. From there, Sait brutally attacked the Warlord Lashael during The Second Dragon War. With the aid of the Resistance, Luix was liberated in 525 DW. The city was founded at the end of war in 3 AW and was ruled over by the greatest general of the Western Kingdoms. General Thorm was named Emperor Thorm and during his 35 year rule, Luix knew peace and prospered becoming one of the largest and greatest kingdoms in the world.

When Thorm passed away in 38 AW without leaving an heir, civil war between the remaining dynasties began immediately. Like the Dragon Wars before, the three separate factions of the Dragon Dynasty, the Manticore Dynasty and the Chimera Dynasty began fighting for control of Luix. The war ended with the destruction of Luix and the Treaty of Roses in 42 AW. As per the treaty, Luix was rebuilt and given control to the Dragon Dynasty. Since that time, Luix was been at peace, but is ever watchful for action from their former kinsmen.

The Dragon Dynasty is active in the ruling of the nation of Luix. Luix is open to trade from other lands and frequently communicates with other kingdoms. The goal of unification of the Western Kingdoms is something that is preached across the nation.


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