Feast Day: Cutios 17

Symbol: Blue and green wave swept by gray winds

Avatar: When Lir makes an appearance, it is often terrible. He takes the form of a terrible sea monster such as a Kraken or Leviathan.

Lir is the god of the sea. Lir is sometimes believed to be on Erenor, existing as the sea itself! Considered to be a distant an uncaring god, Lir is feared by any people who travel the sea or live in coastal communities. He is worshiped on his feast day and usually once a month by most people with those living on the coast having monthly festivals in his honor and those on ship celebrating him daily! Lir is often thought to be more vengeful than Samhain, obliterating whole communities and fleets if not properly appeased. The aquatic races revere him as their creator and this is through them that Lir strikes at those far from the coast.


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