Knights of Solaris

The Knights of Solaris are the name of the militant order of the church of Solaris and the army of the Kingdom of Solaris. They are ancient, having existed since at least the start of the Dragon Wars, recently being offically organized during The Third Dragon War. They are currently led by the 9th Grand Master, Lord Virgil Croak. The Grand Master is half of the ruling body of the Kingdom of Solaris. The order is made up of paladins, clerics, knights and other warriors who have pledged to destroy evil and uphold justice and peace wherever possible. Representing virtues of bravery, charity and hope, the Knights are held in the highest esteem, and feared by those who seek to enslave and kill.

The Knights are the most well known for their quests. Every Knight must embark on a great quest that takes them from their home to aid those in need. Once a Knight completes a quest, he or she may return for several months of rest, before embarking on a new quest. Knights often continue this adventuring until they are late in their lives and quietly retire. These journeys often take individual Knights (or small bands) across the lands of Erenor in search of injustice and evil. It is rumored that if a Knight of Solaris hears a worthy call, he or she cannot turn away.

At any one time, the Knights’ numbers lie around 15,000. Often, half of the Knights of Solaris are stationed at the Kingdom of Solaris and the rest are on quests throughout the world. The Knights are given free reign to choose their destinies and are only called on in times of great need.

Often, the Knights as a whole do not take on any quest beyond the pursuits of good and the protection of the kingdom. However, there have been a handful of times in history that the knights as a whole have offered their support to a kingdom or people. At such times, hundreds of experienced warriors from the Order rush to the aid of the besieged people. This happened often in The Third Dragon War and has happened several times recently (namely with the Coalition States during the Bloody Campaign, Sator in it’s conflicts with The Marauders, the ending of the siege of Ilamar and has aided Quan during every major war with the Mathosa Horde.

Currently, The Knights of Solaris as an Order have withdrawn all support of the Coalition States, and were not offering support to Castelon. A band of heroes from Castelon were able to appeal Lord Croak for aid. Now, the Knight of Solaris rush to aid Castelon in its defense.

Knights of Solaris

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