Kingdom of Solaris


Population: 370,000

Leadership: Lord Virgil Croak and the High Ecclesiastical College

Allies: None formerly identified.

Flag: Deep blue field with silver star in center


Solaris is a city lying on the continent of Frica. It is a large monastery-like kingdom that is home to the Order of the Knights Solaris, collectively known as the Knights of Solaris. It is a theocracy ruled by the Grand Master of the Order as well as the High Ecclesiastical College of clerics and priests of Solaris. The city is beautifully crafted and features high white spires and vast amounts of glass. There are massive temples to the city’s patron god and his multiple aspects. All the gods are revered here and the kingdom is open to all people who come in peace and offer aid to any kingdom that upholds justice and charity. Indeed it is a mecca for the devote of Solaris Though they have no formal ally, the people of Solaris claim that they are ally to all kingdoms in Erenor provided they are not engaged in evil acts. The military is one of the defining elements of the kingdom and one of the aspects that bring great fame. The Knights of Solaris encompass half of the armed forces. This small contingent is only roughly 7000 holy warriors, but that force, with the help of the citizen militia, has overcome all challengers. Indeed, even the great military minds of Erenor consider Solaris to be unassailable due to the force of their faith.


The kingdom of Solaris was founded in 539 DW towards the end of The Third Dragon War. The fourteenth High Priest of the Church of Solaris, Peter Araethon, declared a pilgrimage to northern Frica. He summoned all devote followers of Solaris, and any who wished to accompany them, to journey with him an found a kingdom devoted to their god. Thousands came together and the legends speak of great trials and victories on the journey. Arriving at the site, Peter Araethon collapsed and died. The legend tells that his body dissolved into the earth itself and the first temple of Solaris arose at the spot of his collapse. Struck by the miracle, the disciples knew that they had found their home and summoning all their strength they built most of the kingdom within a few months.

The new High Priest, Rafthel Garzin, oversaw the construction of the city and once it was complete in 7 AW, he decreed how the city would be governed. In his decree, Rafthel created the High College to rule alongside the militant Knight’s Grand Master. Since that time, there has not been a High Priest, instead the government he set up has ruled in their stead.

Since it’s foundation, the kingdom itself has not been involved in the affairs of the other kingdoms of Erenor. The Knights of Solaris are frequently seen as the kingdom’s diplomats and bring peace with them. The kingdom has openly been a refuge for any needing sanctuary. It has been attacked by raiders and monsters several times in its history, but each time the assault has been rebuked with ease.

Kingdom of Solaris

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