King Gargudan

King Gargudan was the king of Castelon from 53 AW until his death in 117 AW. He was renowned for his wisdom and compassion and was instrumental in the formation of Castelon.

Early Life and Third Dragon War

Gargudan was a dwarf born in Vugan sometime around 328 DW. He participated in the The Third Dragon War and campaigned in Eur against the Dragon Warlod Eshu in the final days of the war. After the war, he decided to remain in Eur instead of returning to the Dwarven homeland and lead the liberated peoples of Eur.

Formation of Castelon

Gargudan remained in Eur and for decades he lived with the dragons of Freehold. He was given position as a governor for the refugee camps that formed outside of the city. He led the people of the camps against numerous invaders that attacked Freehold and created a miniature kingdom outside of the city. The kingdom grew so much that The Dragon Kings asked Gargudan to leave the nation because it was too taxing. Gargudan agreed and lead his people miles across the wilderness and founded the kingdom of Castelon in 53 AW. Gargudan welcomed everyone to the new kingdom and thousands flocked to the city. Within a decade, Castelon was the largest kingdom on Eur.

King Gargudan and death

Under Gargudan’s leadership, Castelon became a powerful nation of magic and learning. Gargudan enacted laws that promoted equality and fairness to all people, regardless of species. He declared Castelon diplomatically open to all nations of peace and frequently applied to the Coalition States for an alliance. The only nation he distanced himself and his kingdom from was Dwermore. Castelon continued to prosper under the shadow of the Coalition.

Gargudan became publicly concerned about the Coalition after they declared Castelon to be an enemy nation in 104 DW. He continued to advocate for a peaceful solution and responded to Coalition aggression with defensive actions. He warned that growing hostilities would justify harsher action on both sides.

Gargudan died suddenly in 117 AW. He reportedly wasted away in three days because of some hideous magical disease. During his final hours, Gargudan called the Council of Eight and left them with his great magical and philosophical wisdom. Gargudan passed away and was mourned for weeks. Military Councilman Robert Creed, Gargudan’s apprentice, succeeded him as King of Castelon.

Almost a decade later, heroes on a great quest uncovered that Gargudan had been murdered by the former Arcane Adviser Torrel.

King Gargudan

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