Population: 4,140,000

Leadership: Archduke Barabas Creevan

Allies: Coreeth

Flag: Green field with silver diamond


Ilamar is a city lying on the continent of Frica. The city of Ilamar is known as the Jewel of Erenor. It is the wealthiest city on Erenor and is home to millions of people. The kingdom is large and home to amazing feats of architecture. Almost every race can be found somewhere in the great city and is renowned for being the birthplace of the reurning Resistance at the start of The Third Dragon War. The kingdom is ruled over by the benevolent Archduke Barabas Creevan and the Dukes of Ilamar. An incredible city of wealth and magic, Ilamar has reach mythic status among people distant to Frica.


Ilamar was the capitol of the The Dragon Warlord Orlin. At some point during The Second Dragon War, Orlin was approached by a group claiming to be the remains of the Resistance. They offered to be Orlin’s secret army, allowing them to strike at the remaining Dragon Warlords, in exchange for Orlin allowing their existence. Orlin also demanded all the spoils of their efforts to be added to his own horde. The Resistance agreed and started a shadow war across the globe using Orlin’s great magic and resources to attack and then vanish. When these actions started is a matter of debate, for there are conflicting reports of which attacks on the Warlords were caused by this hidden Resistance. The earliest agreed attack took place in 487 DW. For the next three decades, the Resistance attacked in silence, all the meanwhile giving incredible wealth and power to Orlin.

All that changed in 514 DW, the Resistance betrayed the Warlord Orlin and slew him in his sleep. They immediately took charge of Ilamar and it’s great wealth. They declared war on all of the remaining Warlords and started the Third Dragon War. From the heavily fortified city of Ilamar, the Resistance liberated kingdoms and people across the world. Finally, when Eshu fell in 547 DW, the Resistance announced the end of the war. Ilamar was given over to it’s people and the founders of the Second Resistance to be ruled as they saw fit.

Unfortunately, several years later in 11 AW, the kingdom of Belstin declared war on Ilamar over betrayal they felt from the Resistance’s silence. The war was terrible and cost tens of thousands of Ilamar’s citizens. Belstin’s forces almost succeeded in breaching the walls of Ilamar, but a sudden and stunning intervention from the Knights of Solaris, utilizing the powers of Solaris himself, broke the seige and forced a cease fire. Belstin and Ilamar were forced to enter into a treaty to end the war in 27 AW.

Since that time, Ilamar maintains a vast percentage of it’s armed forces as the Eternal Guard on the Drake River. They are ever watchful of another attack from the forces of Belstin, which wait just over the river’s waters.


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