Population: 1,130,000

Leadership: The Storm Lord Castelian Draves and the Directorate

Allies: Quinslin, Vugan, Belstin

Flag: Black with blue stripes


Harfax is a massive kingdom occupying the center of the island of Arlin. It is one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms on earth. This massive kingdom covers over 200 miles of the mountains of Arlin, built deep into them and scaling high atop the peeks. Predominately human inhabitants, though many different races can be found living in the kingdom. All peoples are welcomed if they are strong of heart and loyal to the Storm Lord. Harfax is considered the wealthiest nation on the plane due to it’s vast trade with other kingdoms. Harfax is home to the world’s best navy, unofficially considered to govern the seas of Erenor. Due to its isolation, the kingdom is barely vulnerable to attack.


Harfax was founded in 492 DW by the stranded inhabitants of Arlin. During the Period of Tranquility, Malthax had ignored the island and during The Second Dragon War, The Dragon Warlords were too busy fighting amongst themselves to pay attention to Arlin. Harfax was completely untouched by the Second or The Third Dragon War. By the time most of the other kingdoms of the world were founded or threw off the slavery of the Warlords, Harfax had mastered the seas and fortified their kingdom. Harfax has limited trade with every nation with the exception of the Coalition States. Harfax has formerly allied itself with the kingdoms of Vugan and Sibur and recently with the nation of Quinslin.


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