Frica is the southern continent of Erenor. Frica is known for having much warmer climates than the other two continents and Arlin. The weather is very constant with gradual change the further one travels from the center of Frica.

Much of the middle lands of Frica are savanna and the center is composed of vast plains. This is the hottest region and has very little elevation. The Drake River, a deep and turbulent river, divides the land in two sections, an eastern and western. To the west of the center lies the Aln Lake. Aln is incredibly deep and very large making is a striking feature to the land. Ilamar, Coreeth, Belstin and Kingdom of Solaris lie in the center of Frica.

The western part of Frica is mostly dominated by The Black Hills, a region of rolling forested hills, plateaus and small mountains. This is a savage land with very few major settlements. The Marauder tribes call this region home. The kingdom of Sator lies in the southeastern section of The Black Hills.

The eastern part of Frica is a vast mountain range known was the Granite Forge Mountains. These mountains are among the highest in the world and are treacherous to cross. It is a wild land with few resources. The kingdoms of Vugan and Sibur lie in these mountains.


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