Population: 12,000

Leadership: The Dragon Kings

Allies: Castelon

Flag: Black Dragon skull on a White Field


Freehold lies to the east of Castelon on the southern plain of Eur. Architecturally, the city is massive, covering over 50 miles of Cyclopean buildings and it’s inhabitants are more often than not huge magical creatures. Freehold is famously known as the “City of Dragons” and it is a title that is well earned. Over 500 dragons call this city home. These dragons include both Metallic and Chromatic! As a result, Freehold is often thought as being the darker side of Castelon, as evil dragons and other terrible beasts make the city their home. The only true rules of the kingdom are to obey the few laws of the terrible Dragon Kings, the oldest dragons left in Erenor whose rule is not questioned. It is a kingdom openly hated and feared by the Coalition States and avoided by most kingdoms of the world, only the kingdom of Castelon can be called Freehold’s ally. Even the Coalition has not specifically targeted Freehold in their upcoming war against Castelon.


It is unknown when exactly Freehold was founded. No doubt it existed during the dark time after The Third Dragon War and is believed to have been founded on the ruins of a massive city from the Age of Antiquity. In 19 AW, the Dragon Kings of Freehold identified themselves to Erenor and declared that all dragons in hiding would be accepted and protected. Hundreds of dragons made the pilgrimage to the new kingdom and within a few months the city was formerly defined as the Kingdom of Freehold. Miles of land surrounding the kingdom were annexed and the Dragon Kings openly challenged any who would dare attack the kingdom. Indeed the Kingdom was attacked several times in the early 30s by militias and powerful beings, only to be rebuked and destroyed by the might of the Dragon Kings and the army of Freehold. Hundreds of other creatures shunned by the peoples of Erenor made their ways to Freehold to plead to asylum. They were all welcomed under the restriction that they must obey the will of the Dragon Kings.

Freehold was instrumental in the founding of Castelon in 53 AW. Freehold has been Castelon’s greatest ally, perhaps due to the fact that the kingdom is accepted as an equal and not feared or hated.


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