Eshu was the name of one of Malthax’s generals and was the last of The Dragon Warlords. He was an ancient green dragon who was based in the land now known as Eur

The First Dragon War

Eshu was one Malthax’s military leaders during The First Dragon War. Regarded as one of the weakest of the Warlords, he operated heavily as a spymaster and controlled an intelligence network that eventually spanned the entire land of Erenor. This spy network was one of the most damaging elements to the Resistance and cause for its most spectacular defeats. This spy network was maintained during the Period of Tranquility and gave Eshu a considerable edge during the Second Dragon War.

The Second Dragon War

Eshu was an ideal target for his kin as being viewed as the weakest of the Warlords. He proved them wrong in the initial months of the war by assassinating all of the Warlords’s top aids. Eshu made it clear that his spy network was active and able to strike out at any moment. He was allowed to maintain a stronghold in the city of Numas under Ventrox’s rule.

The Third Dragon War

Eshu was active during the Third War and it is believed that his spy network actually aided the Resistance in the early battles against the Warlords.

When Ventrox and Kulak battled in 527 DW, Eshu manipulated the rebellious slaves of Ventrox to attack when he was the weakest. With Ventrox dead, Eshu chased down the wounded Kulak and easily overcame him. In a few short days, Eshu had killed two of his enemies and seized Eur. However, the rebellion of Eur was quickly getting out of hand and Eshu left for the mountains of Frica in 529 DW. There he harassed the kingdoms of Vugan and Sibur.

The Resistance came for him in 545 DW and met with the final armies of Eshu and his network of retainers. The forces of the Resistance literally chased him over the world as he threw his men in their way. Eshu was finally cornered in the land that is now known as Quinslin and was destroyed


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