The battle raged on with Castelon beginning to burn during the fighting, leaving hundreds of innocents dead every hour. The city was a bloodbath, as the Fallen, now freed from Scard’s control, were killing anyone in their path. The Coalition troops led by Karl Prosek matched the demon’s brutality as Karl had given his men the order to kill every last man, woman and child in Castelon. In this massive melee, the party encountered Quinslin Platinum dragons, Coalition shock troops and numerous foul demons, besting all of them as they fought to near exhaustion. The heroes fought their way to the western parts of the city and met up with General Holtz and the Emperor, who were preparing to assault Karl Prosek’s bodyguard. In a ruined courtyard, the heroes with their allies found Karl and his elite power armored bodyguard. Karl mocked his father Jovan Prosek, stating that he either had been replaced by an impostor, or had become weak and foolish. Karl threatened that he would kill his mother on his return and seize full control of the Coalition States. The Emperor begged his son to see reason, but Karl charged his father and the fight began. The Emperor dueled his son in the burning city while the party and Holtz attacked the bodyguard. The fight was incredibly hard, but the heroes were able to slay the entire bodyguard. Sadly it was too late, for as they did, Karl ran his father through with his magical sword and leaves him collapsed on the ground. He spit at him and joined the fight against the heroes. Karl was an expert in Coalition martial doctrines and the he fought with intense fury. However, he was overcome by the heroes & Holtz and is killed. The Emperor was beyond help, as Glod had used his most powerful magic to save Creed. The Emperor asked for the heroes’ forgiveness once again, and asked Holtz to make sure Lady Prosek was placed in power…so that the Coalition would move towards tolerance and peace. Holtz swore that he would. The Emperor then died in the courtyard with the city burning around him. Holtz broke from the party to aid with the evacuation of the Castelonian forces and the heroes left to find Gregory.

The city of Castelon becames increasingly more deadly as Gregory’s forces entered the city. The party raced through the burning streets and found them littered with the bodies of citizens and soldiers alike. They knew that Raulo Draves would be making his way to Gregory, so the party searched for the Harfaxian forces still in the city. At a ruined temple to Samhain, the heroes found a large detatchment of Harfax soldiers, led by Raulo! They immediately attacked the Prince of Harfax and his retinue. The party was able to defeat them rather easily, but saw there was no sign that Gregory had ascended to the throne. Aiden used the alter at the temple to pray to Samhain for guidance. In a rare appearance, the avatar of the god of the harvest appeared before the party and showed them a cruel truth: the man they had just killed was an impostor and the real Raulo Draves had hidden himself within the ranks of Gregory’s bodyguard!

The party began racing towards the west where Gregory had finally broken through the leaderless Coalition forces. The heroes fought their way through the routing troops and found Gregory and his bodyguard tending to the wounded, Coalition, Harfaxian and Castelonian alike. As Gregory turned to greet the party, the magical disguise surrounding one of the bodyguard dropped as Raulo made his attack. A quick warning by Amellania saved Gregory from his brother’s blade. The party surrounds Raulo and Gregory asks them to hold their attack. He offers Raulo a truce, to put aside the power of Tempest until one of them naturally expires. Raulo feigns acceptance, only to stall long enough for one of the terrible demon lords, the Stealer of Hope to arrive at their location. Raoul mocks Gregory, stating that he lacks the cunning, skill and experience to be the Storm Lord. Gregory announces that he was naïve ( the king blinded by ignorance) but now he has matured. Gregory asks the party to prevent the demon from attacking the wounded and he turned to face his brother. The party fought the Fallen Lord while the remaining sons of Castilian Draves fought to the death. Fellian’s powers are truly terrible, seriously wounding many of the party. But the heroes pressed on, never giving up their charge to protect the people of Castelon. With the party awash with the powers of the gods of the seasons, Fellian was stunned by a combined attack. As the demon is momentarily distracted, the party turned to the brothers’ fight. Raulo fights with terrible cunning, but in the end he fell against the sword of his brother. As he died, Raulo bows to Gregory as the “true son of Castilian Draves”.

As Raulo passes, there was an explosive roll of thunder and the sky darkened suddenly. As Fellian shrugged off the party’s assault, sheets of cold rain began to pour on the burning city. The Lord of the Pit uttered an atrocious call and in a flash summoned dozens more fallen. The party braced for a renewed assault by the fold of evil, and Gregory raised his hand to the sky. A bolt of blinding lighting pierces the blackened sky and Gregory was left holding the massive sword Tempest. The new Storm Lord marched forward with the party and assaulted the demonic foes before them. With the party’s support, Gregory was able to banish Fellian back to the Abyss. The party, joined by the Storm Lord and the sword Tempest , turned back into the smoke chocked city to save as many people as possible and escape.


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