Population: 220,000

Leadership: Lord Allister Dunscon and the Federation of Magic

Allies: None identified

Flag: Black field with golden eye


Dwermore is a kingdom located in the Varghen Mountains. Rebuilt over the ruins of the former capitol of Malthax, Dwermore is a kingdom of vast magic. The old kingdom was an impressive fortress city on the mountain peeks before it was destroyed by the Coalition States. The current kingdom is guarded by powerful illusionary and extradimensional magic, such that it’s current location is not exactly known. Few beings can claim to have been there for any length of time and reports of the city vary greatly. Some report it is a city that floats on the stormy clouds above the mountains. Others report that it is a city of brass built entirely underground. Many strange beings call Dwermore home and many people of the world are fearful of the kingdom. Magic is a way of life in Dwermore, perhaps even more so than in Castelon. It is ruled over by the militaristic Federation of Magic and the terrible Lord Allister Dunscon.


After The Second Dragon War and the death of Ventrox, a cabal of mages decided to raid the fallen fortress of Malthax. They found a multitude of incredible magic artifacts and formed the terrible Federation of Magic. Mages from all over the world traveled to join the growing order of powerful wizards. Together, they founded the city of Dwermore on the ruins of Malthax’s fortress in 35 AW.

The kingdom was relatively unknown until the mid 50s when it came into conflict with the kingdom of Chible. The Chible’s growing paranoia towards magic and the Federation’s powerlust saw that it was inevitable and there were several minor wars throughout the 50s. The Federation, under the guidance of Lord Steven Dunscon, pulled back from these conflicts towards the end of the decade and Chible eased off to focus on forming alliances with the other kingdoms to the north.

Over the next decade, the Federation of Magic attacked Chible and the other kingdoms in secret through mercenaries and monsters. These terrible attacks were coordinated through Lord Dunscon and the Federation of Magic. Chible and the other kingdoms suffered greatly from these seemingly random but well organized attacks. If these attacks had continued another year or two, Chible would have been so weakened that Dwermore would easily destroy them with their own forces. The Knights of Solaris, however, ruined Lord Dunscon’s plan by exposing their plot to the newly formed Coalition States.

With an identified enemy, the Coalition began the Bloody Campaign in 74 AW. Thousands died in the horrible battles of the war, but with each battle the Coalition pushed closer to Dwermore. Finally, in 86 AW, Dwermore was under siege by the army of Karlvan Prosek. The siege lasted eleven months and in the end, the Coalition broke through the forces of Dwermore. Lord Steven Dunscon and a full half of the population of the kingdom perished in the conflict and the city burned to the ground. Weakened from the conflict, the Coalition withdrew all their troops in order to rebuild their kingdoms.

Exactly when the new kingdom of Dwermore was established is unknown. It is rumored that the survivors quickly banded together and traveled to another plane to recover. There, they rebuilt their kingdom in secret and returned to Erenor by using powerful magic to bring their labors back to the Varghen Mountains. Rumors were confirmed in 110 AW that the kingdom of Dwermore existed in someway once more, this time lead by the son of Steven Duscon: Lord Allister Dunscon.

Most kingdoms of the world ignore and avoid Dwermore. The Coalition has sworn to destroy the kingdom once again. Castelon has limited contact with Dwermore, reluctant to establish relations with them. Freehold ignores the kingdom and Numas publicly denounces Dwermore’s history of violence and wants no part of them.


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