Population: 114,000 (not including visitors)

Leadership: Sultan Bernard Karlak

Allies: None formerly identified.

Flag: Tan field with bright blue circle


Dunridge is a kingdom lying in towards the edge of the Mohaine Desert on Sia. The kingdom is surrounded by high walls known for beautiful achrietecture. The wall is designed to protect the city from sandstorms and attacks from the Hassite nomads. The population of Dunridge is rather small compared to its size, however on any given day there could be tens of thousands of vistors to the city. This is because Dunridge is the only settled area in the Mohaine Desert and a way station for people travling through the land. The bustling trade attracts people from across Erenor and many people journey here to seek fortune or rare goods.

The kingdom is ruled by Sultan Bernard Karlak, the famous offspring of the Dragon Warlord Orlin. He takes a passive stance on most of the goings on in the kingdom. Instead he leaves the every day rule of the kingdom to the Trade Lords, men and women who are wealthy enough to buy sections of the city where they rule. The Sultan appears to only take an active role in politics if trade is threatened in anyway.


The history of Dunridge is connected to the oasis at the center. For hundreds of years, there has been an outpost located at this point. Travelers built the outpost to a town around 482 DW and it was an open to all. The Hassite nomads frequently traded there, and occasionally raided the town. During The Third Dragon War, Bernard Karlak arrived and slowly built the town into a major kingdom. Since being officially incorporated as a kingdom in 5 AW, Dunridge has been the Waystation of the Desert


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