Coalition States

The Coalition States of Man is the name of the nation existing in the northern mountains of Eur. The States currently include Chible, Ironridge and Kingsdal, with the kingdom of Quinslin leaving the union recently. The three current kingdoms are each governed by their own Counselor and each Counselor sits on Supreme Council. While the states govern independently, they make decisions as one large kingdom. The Coalition States have an open trade relationship with Belstin and Zu. The Coalition has been well known for the past fity years for being a nation of xenophobic and fearful people. Over the years the prejudice has grown to genocidal proportions leading to the current war with Castelon.

Kingdoms of the Coalition


Population: 530,000

Leadership: Jovan Prosek and the Supreme Council.

Colors: Black field with red trim. White Skull


The capitol of the Coalition States is unsurprisingly the largest. It is an enormous walled city with interlocking circular walls offering layers of protection. The Supreme Council sits in this city and it is often thought of as one of the most fortified cities on Erenor.

The current Supreme Council:
Chancellor: Supreme Chancellor Jovan Prosek
Counselor: Counselor of Ironridge Roslin Underhill
Counselor: Counselor of Kingsdal Ivan Cabot
Counselor: Lord Commander of Forces General Abacus Drogue
Counselor: Lord Commander of Defense General Jerico Holtz
Counselor: Archmage Almund Treece
Counselor: Prime Minister of Quinslin (VACANT)


Population: 320,000

Leadership: Counselor Roslin Underhill

Colors: Black and Red field with white hammer.

Ironridge is a smaller city in the Coalition. It is also a walled city, with many independent walled sections throughout. It is a maze-like place and is the primary industrial center of the Coalition. Most arms and armor are manufactured in Ironridge.


Population: 250,000

Leadership: Counselor Ivan Cabot

Colors: Black and red field with white lightning bolts.

Kingsdal is the largest demographically and least populated of the Coalition States. It is the major agricultural center of the States and is mostly a network of smaller cities and large farms over dozens and dozens of miles.

History of the Coalition States

41 AW- 60 AW

The history of the Coalition begins with the death of the Dragon Warlord Ventrox. The humans enslaved by Ventrox banded together in communities in order to survived the period of war and rebuilding after they slew Ventrox. These communities eventually became the kingdoms of the Coalition States. Throughout the late 40s AW, each of the kingdoms of Chible, Ironridge, Kingsdal and Quinslin were formed. Throughout the 50s, open communication between the four kingdoms allowed them to prosper. The four were ready allies in a grim and uncertain world.

Under Seige

Starting in 62 AW, roving tribes of orcs and other monsters began to assault the kingdoms with increasing frequency. Throughout the decade, the attacks increase and show signs of coordination that lead to the deaths of thousands of citizens. By 71 AW, the kingdoms formerly join as a coalition of forces to defend against the horde at their doorsteps.

The Bloody Campaign

In 74 AW the Knights of Solaris make a pilgrimage to the Coalition and offer their support. Within a few months, the Knights uncover evidence that the hostilities have been orchestrated by the kingdom of Dwermore. Under the guidance of General Karlvan Prosek, the Coalition begins operations collectively known as The Bloody Campaign. Thousands of people on both sides of the conflict perish over the years. The Bloody Campaign ends with the razing of the kingdom of Dwermore in 86 AW.

The Coalition States of Mankind

After several months of cleanup and repair, the four nations of the Coalition meet in Chible to discuss unification. In 88 AW they sign the Concordant of Terran and formerly join as the Coalition States of Mankind. The Supreme Council is formed and the governments of the kingdoms are reorganized. Karlvan Prosek is elected as the Supreme Chancellor to the Coalition. Under his guidance, the Coalition continues to target and eliminate all “malicious” entities from their lands. With mutual support, the kingdoms grow enormously and the Coalition becomes a major force in the world.

Second Generation

Chancellor Prosek is assassinated in 97 AW during a brutal assault by a cabal of sorcerers. His entire family dies with him, with the exception of his eldest son Jovan Prosek. Prosek, barely a teenager at this time, goes into hiding while General Ivan Cabot is named acting Chancellor. The “Second Bloody Campaign” begins. This purge targets any non-human and sorcerer within the kingdoms of the Coalition. The Coalition is declared “monster free” in 101 AW. Jovan Prosek returns to take his father’s position as Chancellor in 103 AW. Under his guidance, the military might of the Coalition grows threefold. In 118 AW, the Coalition declares all lands north of the Varghen Mountains to be Coalition, forcing thousands of refugees to flee to Castelon or face destruction.

Start of the War

In 120 AW, Lady Grace Prosek’s caravan is attacked on a diplomatic mission to Quinslin. Two dozen bodyguards and her son Jonathan are among the dead. Lady Prosek is never found. No group takes responsibility for the attack, but the Coalition places blame on cults of sorcerers and the military of Caselton. Jovan Prosek goes into deep mourning and takes a two month leave of absence from his duties. When he returns, he is declared Chancellor for Life, Emperor Jovan Prosek the First. Upon returning to office, Prosek begins pushing his forces deeper into the Varghen Mountains to the south. He formally declares war against Castelon in 125 AW. Several weeks later, the kingdom of Quinslin declares succession from the Coalition States. Emperor Prosek pledges that the wayward kingdom will be returned to the States as Castelon burns.

Coalition States

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