Celieis the Valiant was the first Lord of Volmir and a great hero of the The Third Dragon War. She was born sometime during the The First Dragon War and grew up in slavery. Little is known about her life during this war, but she was among the elves that Lushael enslaved and it was widely known that her family was butchered under the Warlord’s reign.

Celieis was liberated with her fellow elves in 523 DW and she immediately joined the Resistance. It only took a few months for her skill to be recognized and within a year she was leading armies against the The Dragon Warlords. Terrible was her might, and she shattered the armies of the Warlords. Reportedly, she dealt the killing blow to Lushael, crafting armor out of her corpse. She lead campaign upon campaign and finally became the top commander of the Resistance’s forces in 540 DW. She chased the last Warlord Eshu across the world of Erenor until finally cornering him in northern Eur. There, the armies of the Resistance and the native humans there defeated Eshu and ended the Dragon Wars. There are legends of Celieis ripping Eshu’s still beating heart from his body and devouring it to the cheer of her men.

Celieis returned to the new kingdom of Volmir and was immediately chosen to be the first Lord of Vomlir to rule with the First Council of Nine. Her rule was great and ended horribly. For reasons not fully known, Celieis died along with the First Council during the civil war that betook Volmir in the early decade after The Third Dragon War. Some whisper that Celieis was responsible for the start of the war and the elves of Volmir will rarely speak of it.

Celieis is one of the great heroes of the world, but is a terrible shame to the elves of Volmir. She is now whispered of only in ghost stories.

Recently, a band of heroes discovered that Celieis had become gripped with madness and used terrible magics to transform herself into a horrible monster. She sought greater magical power and murdered The Nine by consuming their souls in 3 AW. She declared herself ruler of all of Volmir and demanded a tribute of sacrifice of 12 young elves. Her actions started a civil war that destroyed the kingdom. She was defeated months later and is believed to have been killed in a massive explosion that destroyed the eastern parts of Volmir. The heroes discovered that she continued to exist in some fragmented form for over one hundred years and were able to lay her tortured soul to rest.

The manner of transformation that Celieis underwent is unknown. Legends of similar creatures, soul-drinking elves, echo in some stories of the Age of Antiquity, but no arcane study has yielded evidence of such a transformation ritual. Few outside of Volmir know the full story of Celieis’s descent.


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