Population: 540,000

Leadership: King Robert Creed and the Council of Eight

Allies: Freehold, and Numas

Flag: Gold field with Red Pyramids


Castelon lies in the center of the southern plain of Eur. It is a vast kingdom of magic, frequently called the “Kingdom of Wonder”. It is told that all peoples, regardless of race or alignment, are accepted here if they do not bring harm to anyone else. The ruling body and the citizens are staunch supporters of peace. The city is surrounded by a high wall and lies a mile within the wall. Castelon is an open city surrounded by farmlands and deep forests. Several dozen magical stone pyramids are placed throughout the city.


Castelon was established in 53 AW. It sent messages to the far corners of Erenor that it was a refuge for any who wished for peace. The kingdom grew quickly and by 62 AW was the largest kingdom in Eur. Throughout this time there was little contact with the kingdoms in the north. Throughout the 70s, Castelon attempted to reach the growing Coalition States, but was rebuked each time with increasing malice. Occasional border wars were fought with the Coalition, but nothing grew into any major conflict. King Gargudan of Castelon was a supporter of peace and never wished to become aggressive. During his rule, Castelon fortified it’s borders extensively. In 104 AW, the Coalition States declared Castelon an enemy state. Castelon responded by moving troops into the Varghen Mountains to act as a buffer against Coalition aggression. King Gargudan died mysteriously in 117 AW and was replaced by King Robert Creed. Under Creed’s rule, Castelon continually prepared for what the King believed was an inevitable war. In 125 AW, Creed’s prediction came true when Jovan Prosek declared war against Castelon.


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