Population: 3,610,000

Leadership: King Bartholomew Proack IV

Allies: Sator, Harfax

Flag: Yellow and Blue divided field with three black ostridge feathers


Belstin is a kingdom on the continent of Frica. It is a massive city, one of the largest kingdoms on Erenor. The kingdom rests on a huge hill and is Frica’s highest point west of the Granite Forge Mountains. It is said that on a clear day one can see the beautiful city of Volmir, he mountains of Arlin and the Granite Forge Mountains from the kingdom. Belstin is heavily fortified and only the howling winds of the Black Hills penetrate it’s walls. King Proack is descended from the first king of Belstin and rules without question. He is beloved by the people and enjoys their full support. Belstin is a militaristic kingdom with one of the greatest armies of the land. Belstin has little contact with kingdoms east of the Drake River, though maintains contact with the Kingdom of Solaris.


Belstin was the capitol of the The Dragon Warlord Zaad during The Second Dragon War. In 478 DW, the kingdom was attacked by the forces of Lushael. In a titanic battle, Lushael’s army was forced to flee and Zaad left Belstin to kill his fleeing kin. Before Lushael could leave Frica, she was attacked by Zaad. However, Lushael had been prepared for this, and was able to defeat the Warlord in brutal combat.

Immediately, the people of Belstin gathered together to repair their fortifications and unify against Lushael’s returning army. When Lushael returned less than three weeks later, she was greeted with an entire kingdom worth of people ready to oppose her. Lushael’s army, weakened by the battle at Beltsin weeks before and another trek across the land, was defeated by the kingdom of Belstin.

The kingdom of Belstin declared itself free from the rule of the Dragon Warlords that same week. Their rejoicing was short lives, as the Warlord Orlin immediately began attacking the kingdom in hope of acquiring more land and power. Each attack was rebuked by the forces of Belstin, but at the cost of thousands of lives. Orlin never gave up and would attack every few months. Additionally, the other Warlords would frequently attack the kingdom in hope of gaining a new foothold against Orlin. It is said that the people of Belstin saw daily combat from 478 DW until the Resistance revealed itself in 514 DW. The forces of Belstin joined the Resistance in 516 DW and fought across the world against the remaining Dragon Warlords. At the conclusion of The Third Dragon War, Belstin finally knew peace and was acknowledged as one of the greatest kingdoms in the land.

Sadly, Belstin was only to know peace for a brief moment. A political movement swept through the kingdom during the early years after the Dragon Wars, crying foul over the Resistance’s actions. Though most records were destroyed in the war, evidence suggested that the Resistance not only ignored Belstin’s plight when when fighting against the other Dragon Warlords, they may have aided Orlin in attacking Belstin for years before slaying the dragon. The people of Belstin demanded reparations for their suffering. The kingdom of Ilamar refused and Belstin declared war on Ilamar in 11 AW. This terrible conflict lasted for sixteen years, costing the lives of tens of thousands. The war almost ended with Ilamar being burnt to the ground. However, the Knights of Solaris intervened and Belstin was forced to back down. The people of Belstin have never forgotten this war and still consider Ilamar their enemy. Majority of Belstin’s military wait on the western shore of the Drake River, hoping to catch the forces of Ilamar breaking the peace treaty.


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