The party remained in Castelon for days, rescuing survivors and fighting off remnants of the Coalition force that had not routed. Castelon was lost to the massive fire that swept through the city during the battle and the survivors gathered outside of Freehold, like the original citizens of Castelon did long ago. The party helped these refugees, and Gregory summoned all the aid he could from Harfax. King Lazo also offered aid to the refugees.

The party stayed with the refugees for the next two weeks. King Creed had survived the battle and had been rallying his people. The survivors of Castelon chose to follow Creed to the south and rebuild Castelon closer to Numas. Creed and the survivors began to move south, with the party staying with them and Gregory’s army protecting the people.

The refugees settled several days south and began to rebuild. Within six months there was a bustling settlement that was dubbed “New Castelon”. Gregory told King Creed that he must return to Harfax and begin to rule his nation. The Storm Lord would leave a large contingent of his army in New Castelon to protect it. He asked the party to accompany him to the sea, and they agreed. Before the group left, Creed embraced all of them, begging for their forgiveness and thanking them for saving his people as well as his soul. They would always be welcomed in New Castelon and stories would be told of their great deeds.

The party journeyed to the western shore of Eur with Gregory, remarking solemnly that this was likely their last journey together. Once they reached the shore, they set up camp and waited for Gregory’s fleet to arrive. While they did, the friends recounted their great adventures throughout the world and their triumph. The world had been altered, but from these adventures the world could grow anew. Gregory’s fleet arrived and they spent several days readying for the journey across the sea. Once they were ready, the party had a tearful goodbye. The commented that when they met him, he was a child but now he would be a great king. Gregory thanked them for their support and noted that he needed to make a sacrifice to Lir for a safe journey. He smiled and took up Tempest. He walked to the water and threw the massive sword. It sailed far and was accepted by the waves. The sea immediately turned as still as glass. Gregory turned to his surprised but pleased friends. He noted that now he would have to stand on his own, as would his nation, and it would make them stronger than any in the world. Gregory, the seventh Storm Lord of Harfax, sailed towards his kingdom.

The party remained on the beach for several days, somewhat confused as to what happened now. When they awoke one day, they found that Kros had left in the night. He offered no note or explanation, but the friends were not hurt. It was his way and he left as mysteriously as he arrived. They hoped that he found out who he was and discovered his ultimate purpose. They never saw him again.

Amellania and Egg left next. The two went south to Numas and chartered a ship across the sea. Amellania returned home to Volmir, expecting Egg to stay with her, but was surprised when he told her he must go his own way. She continued to be a diplomat for Volmir, eventually becoming a member of the Fourth Council. She tried to stay in touch with Glod and hear news of her friends.

Egg followed Amelliana to Volmir, “protecting” her the whole way. In the end, Egg left to seek what he called “true power”. He studied in Quan and Luix, eventually finding a way to polymorph himself into a massive red dragon. Egg used his power to aid the world, and tell the tale of Malthax’s sacrifice to the world. He still lives today.

Aiden left quickly and with few words. He noted that his time as champion of Samhain was not done, but he did not know where he would go. He left, thanking the party for their help to bring justice to the unbelievers. He said that if he still was the person he once was, he would call them his friends. With that he left. Months later Trade Lord Creel of Dunridge, ruined by a string of horrific luck, was found dead, and there was evidence of brutal torture.

Glod went to New Castelon where he offered aid to the people. He was accepted in King Creed’s new Council of Ten, and was beloved by the people.

Jamir returned to Quinslin and received a full pardon for his actions. He was acknowledged as a hero to the people and was offered detox from AA enhancement. There are conflicting reports as to if he accepted this.

Ferrilad journeyed to the Coalition States and found Empress Prosek and Grand General Holtz willing to have him in her personal bodyguard. His actions were classified and little information is available.

There are many more stories in Erenor, but they are stories for another time…


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