Treachery in Ilamar

The party traveled up the Drake River to the sea and headed east towards Ilamar. They arrived in the port city of Porlan where Jamirintercepted a letter from General Reid. He confessed to the party that he occasionally received such communications and together they examined the document. It claimed to know that Gregory Draves was traveling with them! Despite this fact, there were elements of the letter that did not fit with General Reid’s writing or standard Coalition documents. The party deduced that the letter was a forgery, designed to trick them into abandoning Gregory before they arrived in Ilamar. The group determined that the only people that could have known Gregory was with them were the brothers present at his escape from Harfax,Protomer Draves or Hendrix Draves, leaving the party to now believe that Protomer still lived and was active in Ilamar!

The party traveled to Ilamar with extreme caution, believing an attack could come at anytime. Shortly after they arrived in the kingdom, the party was attacked by strange quicksilver creatures who leapt from the magic mirror the party had just acquired. The beasts each wore a strange silver collar and targeted the party while attempting to capture Gregory. The heroes soundly defeated the monsters and were taken into custody by Fouryan the district magistrate. Fouryan explained that the assailants were former prisoners of Ilamar’s monster containment facilities, but had recently died in an escape attempt. As this was obviously not the case, the party began an investigation and using scrying magic, they discovered that Protomer was in league with Duke Gilbert Seko. The party explained what they had found to Archduke Barabas Creevan, who granted them permission to question the warden of the containment facility. Once at the prison, the group discovered evidence of a cover-up concerning the quicksilver attackers and after interrogating the warden, the party pieced together Protomer’s plan. Protomer Draves had contacted Duke Seko and offered him the support of the Storm Lord in a coup if he supported Protomer now. The Duke agreed and Protomer took command of a fortress outside of Porlan and was having monsters, controlled by magical collars, brought to him to protect him while he prepared to attack his brother Raulo Draves. The party returned to the Archduke, who charged them to travel to the fortress and find written proof of this conspiracy. If they succeeded, Ilamar would support Castelon in the war against the Coalition. The party left immediately.

Using teleportation magic, the party arrived at the forgotten fortress and forced their way in. Once inside, they faced terrible beasts enslaved by mind controlling magic but where able to defeat the creatures. They learned that Protomer Draves had the dragon Erlan working with him and that the dragon was doing so of his own free will! The party faced Protomer Draves, who offered Castelon the immediate support of his armies in Harfax if they gave Gregory over to him. The party refused and were able to defeat Protomer Draves, with Gregory landing the killing blow. A search of Protomer’s quarters revealed correspondence between he and Duke Seko. They then faced Erlan the Blue offering him a chance to leave the fortress with his life. Erlan immediately attacked them and the party defeated him, casting his body into the sea, claiming his horde has their own.

The party returned to Ilamar and met with the Archduke, giving him all the proof they had found. The letters between Protomer and Seko would be more than enough to charge him with high treason. The archduke revealed that Protomer and Seko, in an attempt to cover their tracks, had ordered the wardens of their prison to sacrifice their charges to Samhain. The Archduke promised to send aid immediately.

The party decided on journeying to Luix to gather support. While preparing for the journey, Jamir was approached by General Lucas Reid who inquired about the letter that they intercepted. Reid appeared concerned about someone utilizing his name without his knowledge and thanked Jamir for stopping those responsible. The meeting was cordial and the party began to prepare for the long journey. Just before they left, Gregory wrote drafted a letter declaring that he yet lived and claiming his armies as well as Protomer’s. Before this declaration was made, the party left on their ship bound for Dunridge.

His Scroll 2
He hasn’t written in his scroll for some time, where to begin, where to begin….

Many things have happened to them in the past several months. First the traveled to Solaris to seek aid from the Hierarch of the Knights of Solaris, The Coalition was of course there to prevent them and it would seem fate herself weighed heavily against them also. A foul witch of some dead vile god slew the Hierarch right before they were able to gain his favor. He almost saved the Hierarch himself, had there not been a double agent at work. In the end they slew the witch and and discovered she was helped by her mother, the high priestess of Selene, whom was the Hierarchs second! Such levels of intrigue make his poor head spin…, be he digresses. After the uncovered this and brought the Hierarch back too life they gained his favor. The Hierarch inducted young Gregory into the Knights of Solaris and told his knights that they might aid Castelon if they say fit. Truly they are not only aiding Castelon but the rest of the world! The little gods will smile upon him for his cleverness and fortitude throughout this quest. He will write again later to speak of the trip to Belstin. But for now they must depart to deal with an old rival.

Coalition Report 5

Lord Emperor Jovan Prosek:

My Lord,

I have uncovered information that is of great importance to the Empire. Gregory Draves, the seventh son of Castlian Draves the Sixth Storm Lord of Harfax, has been located! He is traveling with the diplomats from Castelon, having joined them after ambushing Protomer and Hendrix. Hendrix and Protomer were both slain during the assault and Gregory escaped with the party. This would be an incredible oppourtunity to seize a valuable bargaining chip with Raul Draves. Additionally, this would allow us to eliminate the diplomats from Castelon, something which was impossible in Harfax.

I have tracked the Castleonians to Belstin and uncovered that they are journeying to Ilamar. I have abandoned designs elsewhere on Frica so I may beat them to the city. As Gregory was publically charged as a traitor by Protomer, we should be able to secure a sizeable force from the Ilamarian army to assist us in capturing Gregory. Hopefully the party will resist and will be killed in the fight. Their deaths will only aid the Empire, for they will be unable to turn any more kingdoms against our glorious quest. However, Gregory must remain alive until we can get him to Chible. Raul will leap at the chance to eliminate a brother easily and we can gift him this in exchange for support for our cause now. I will report on the success of the operation in a few weeks.

Gen. Lucas Reid

His Scrolls

Well, it has been quite some time since he had written of his adventures. Now would seem as good a time as any. Where to begin? Well, after travelling across the seas to the nation of Harfax to acquire aid for Castallon, he and his companions became caught up in some extensive courtly intrigue. It seemed that the Stormlord of Harfax was on death’s door and the successor would be one of his 7 sons. Which one in particular? Why the last one left alive. They all swore that the survivor would promise to aid them and Castallon add each of them inquired to him and his friends for aid. They attempted to aid the oldest, Vulker, but alas, his brother Rauls guise as a drunken fool was nothing more than a veneer, and Vulker paid for not seeing through it with his life. In the end it was decided to leave Harfax. But, of course, not without stacking the deck in their own favor. They agreed to bring with them the youngest of the brothers, Gregory, and train him to be a worthy Stormlord. They would then return him after the rest of the brothers had killed each other off and aid Gregory in smiting whichever brother remained. Harfax may prove to be their greatest ally. Well, he has more to tell, but they leave within a few hours time. He will write again later. He certainly is living in interesting times…..

Coalition Repor 4

To: Supreme Chancellor Jovan Prosek

From: General Delvan Bassett, Operations Commander for the Northern Campaign

Dear Sir,

I write to update you on our situation in the war with Quinslin. I regret that war against the forces of Quinslin is not going as planned. The nature of this halt in progress is best summarized by the following three points:

Quinslin has revealed new and terrible weaponry. We had initially planned on facing their standard equipment, including old style Coalition weapons and armor and their own Platinum Drake Armor suits. We believed that these Platinum Drake (PD) suits were few in number and Quinslin’s cannon technology was twenty years behind our own. It appears that these beliefs are considerably off. Quinslin has, by my estimate, over 1000 PD suits and are actively using them against us. Indeed, there are additional designs of the Platinum Drake suits never previously seen. Additionally, Quinslin’s cannon technology is on par with our own. Both of these factors were not expected and surprise has robbed our forces of the quick victory we had hoped. Where these technologies came from is easy to guess: Harfax. Quinslin’s alliance with Harfax no doubt allowed them the resources to upgrade their technology and produce units very quickly. They must have been planning this war for the past several years showing that their treachery knows no bounds.

We are at a considerable disadvantage and one that is quite unexpected. The military doctrine of the Coalition States has allowed us to defeat any foe we have encountered. It is what our soldiers trust in to bring them home safe and what we believe will carry the day. I remind you that even the larger nations of Belstinand our new allies in Zu beg for us to share our advanced art of war with them.

Unfortunately, Quinslin was part of the Coalition States until several months ago. While they had been cut off in recent years from the updates to combat doctrine, they have decades of knowledge about how we operate. Standard maneuvers and tactics were put to work immediately, only to be brutally countered. Quinslin has known exactly what we were going to do and how to stop it. Sadly, the same cannot be said for our side. Quinslin, no doubt preparing for war, has radically altered their tactics and is unpredictable at best. This combination has made the Quinslin forces incredibly deadly.

The third point may appear to be the least of our concerns, but I feel that it is the most damaging to our cause. Our men are trained by doctrine to hate everything that’s not human and to use their skills to protect humanity. In the past, our “human” adversaries consisted of insane cultists or vile sorcerers. Education of our citizens showed the evil in these things and our men did not hesitate to stamp out these opponents when needed.

Quinslin has not conformed to this fact. While Quinslin is traitorous, they are not vile (not my person opinion, my Lord) like the other humans we’ve faced. They are men like us that normally fight against inhuman forces to protect their people. Our men are facing people just like themselves, indeed some of our troops have done tours in Quinslin and may even know some of their adversaries. This is troubling because it has weakened the resolve of our soldiers. They are confused about why we are fighting people that until very recently we our brothers. The men must be pushed to maximize their efforts. There are no reports from my field commanders of disobedience, but I fear that that may soon be upon us.

There is a silver lining in this factor, I believe that Quinslin is experiencing the same thing. This has kept causalities to a minimum.

We have superior numbers and we will succeed eventually, however these factors will impede our progress. I estimate we may have 35% casualties as a result of these factors and this conflict will drag out for months, if not years. If these factors could be eliminated, I believe that the casualty rates would drop by 12% and the conflict may be over before the new year. I propose the following strategies to overcome these obstacles:

Identify the source of these new technologies and find a way to stop further production.

Through diplomacy with Harfax and/or espionage, discover the extent of Quinslin’s new technologies.

Authorize the creation of new combat doctrines to use against Quinslin. General Holtzwould be a wise choice and perhaps he should be reassigned to the Quinslin front. Giving Quinslin an unpredictable enemy would take away a major advantage they have.

Investigate the disappearance of Lady Grace Prosek to uncover evidence implicating Quinslin. This would sufficiently villainize the enemy and the hesitation our men have been experiencing will vanish.

I await further instruction.

Your obedient servant,

General Delvan Bassett

Personal Journal - Kros-2
Gods and Necromancers

We have come to Solaris in hopes of making Gregory into a paladin of Solaris. This city is… amazing. The grand Cathedral is said to have been crafted by one man. Rumor has it that upon his dying breath, he uttered such words as to give the sand and rock upon which his blood had fallen the magic needed to create such a wondrous temple. Imagine having that much power flow through you, even if only for a split second, what that must feel like. The grand master needed to decide whether or not to take in Gregory, so we had some time to ourselves.

We all decided to try to engage the public. We are still on a mission to gather support for Castelon after all, and what better thing to do than to visit bars and inns rallying the populace. We did just that, and even one better. There was a festival during our stay here. It was bloody, and brutal, and oddly intriguing. There were a lot of people gathering to witness the bloody spectacles of one on one combat, fights to the death. Jami decided to enter these battles, while the rest of us cheered him on and boasted of our brave deeds in the war against the Coalition. We have definitely inspired some of the spectators, who all seem ready, if not eager, for war and battle. I hope they retain their fervor once this festival is over.

The last day of the festival was too much for most of us to bear, and we were called into meeting with the grand master. To my surprise, a general of the Coalition was also called into meeting. We waited patiently, listening to his lies as he tried to rally the Knights of Solaris to his cause. We had a letter tho, that he wrote boasting of what can only be called lies and war-crimes, and we gave this letter to the Grand Master. I was sure that this he would not aide the coalition after he had read it. Though it no longer matters. The Grand Master was slain in the battle that followed.

I remember people, injured and near death, running into the grand hall. It was zombies and all manner of undead horrors that were attacking the Cathedral. It was the work of a Necromancer. the Coalition troops actually helped us find him, or rather, they went one way, we went the other. I didn’t trust them at all, but there were greater matters at hand.

Gregory, able to sense evil, was a good help in locating the necromancer. We cut our way though countless zombies, and at one point encountered a strange group of powerful entities. Now, when i fight, i try to establish priority targets. While i was focused on some larger foes, my companions were attacking these…misty…creatures. I did not see these beings as any sort of threat, in fact, i almost felt bad for them. There were 2 of them i believe, and they seemed to be only caught in the fray, taken from a restful sleep and dragged along with the evil horde. I wish my companions could have seen them as i had, but sadly, they vanquished these beings along with the evil undead. Again, there were more pressing matters than the slaying of 2 innocent…dead…creatures.

We pressed on and found the necromancer, who had a damn golem with him. There was also a group of people wearing flesh masks who, at the command of the necro, dashed for the Grand Master. We killed the Necro, and most of us ran for the grand master, in hopes of saving him. Things looked good for a while, but then out of nowhere, he just…disintegrated… It has been deemed assassination.

There is a plan of bringing him back, and it has been tasked to us to retrieve the sword that has his blood on it.

We leave shortly.

The anger that has been building up inside me will get a release very soon.

Field Journal 2 - Amellania

My companions and I have traveled across the sea, seeking aid for Castelon and have been less successful than we had hoped. When we arrived in Harfax we found that the Storm Lord, Castilion Draves, was dying and he left it to his successor to pledge us aid. Unfortunately, the custom in Harfax is for the sons of the Storm Lord to assassinate one another, with the victor taking the throne and possession of Tempest, the powerful sword of the Storm Lord. The seven sons of Castilion Draves approached us after their father’s death to seek our aid in recovering Tempest, which had been stolen. We quested after the powerful artifact and recovered it, which set the succession customs into motion. The brothers began murdering one another, which was such a senseless waste of life and talent that it was difficult to understand the logic of it. Volker, the eldest son, was murdered by his brother Raul, who had played us all for fools and maintained the illusion of being a drunken wretch until the time came to show his hand. Benedict was supposedly murdered in his bed, but since his face was unrecognizable I have my doubts. Azer, the wizard, has been holed up in his fortified tower, but there is suspicion that he may have fled and left a magical illusion in his place. The greatest mystery had been the location of Hendrix and Gregory. We discovered that Hendrix had been hiding Gregory, the youngest son, in the church of Solaris. He asked us to smuggle Gregory out of Harfax and help him to become a warrior and leader so that he could return to lead the nation. Before we could get to the ship, Portimer (who seems to be the most vile of the brothers) and his army caught up with us and a massive melee ensued. Hendrix bought us enough time to escape with Gregory and I hope he survived the battle, as he was a noble and kind man.

Our only successes in securing aid for Castelon were in convincing Volker Draves (before his demise) to send 50 of his highly trained soldiers and Hendrix to send his personal guard, consisting of 30 Knights of Solaris. It is better than no assistance, but it is not what we had hoped.

We sail to Solaris next, and there is talk of training Gregory in the ways of a Paladin of Solaris. He has lived a mere eighteen years and will need much training if he is to return to Harfax as a just leader. I know of the portents surrounding the seventh son of a seventh son and Gregory is such, so perhaps he will return and lead his nation to greatness someday. Hopefully we will have more luck convincing the people of Solaris to aid Castelon in her hour of need.

Personal Journal - Kros

Over the past several weeks, we have done many things, some brave, some foolish, but all have so far panned out to our well-being. The simple fact that I am writing in this journal is a testament to our success, as we are, none of us, dead, though we have come very close at times.

The events in Harfax were…disturbing. I cannot see why the kingdom’s custom encourages such infighting. All sons of Castillion Draves would have been a great asset in this time of war, and Castelon needs all the help she can get. I take back my last statement “All sons.” There is one in particular, Portimer, who i would see hanged for his crimes against humanity. I would gladly tie the noose myself. He seems to revel in the plight and utter…suffering… of others, including his own flesh and blood. That day at the docks, after Hendrix asked us to smuggle out the young Gregory… Hendix was a good man, and would have been more than valuable in this endevour… I wanted so badly to stop Portimer… I should have stayed… I’m not sure if i could have done anything, but…the hatred i have been feeling isn’t…

My only solace is the thought that one day we may help Gregory become the leader that his brother had sacrificed himself for. For the good of the kingdom. We’ll see what Gregory is made of soon enough…

Castelon Letter 1

Dear Friends,

By now you have reached Solaris and hopefully are finding this letter in good health. I wish to convey my congratulations to you on your success in Harfax. While the outcome was not exactly what we wished, we are certainly in a better position than our adversaries.

Roughly fifty troops bearing the crest of Volker Draves have arrived in our kingdom eager to fight for our cause. Accompanying them was a letter from the late prince dictating that they were now loyal to us until such a time as they were no longer needed. It was sad to hear of his passing, especially considering the vast skill of these few men. Volker’s men have already been put to use against General Drogue’s force and have had great impact.

Additionally, over thirty Knights of Solaris have joined our cause. These men and women are the former personal bodyguard of Hendrix Draves. Accomplished warriors all, the Knights have swayed the battle in the few engagements they have participated in. The weight of the hope they inspire in our other troops cannot be measured.

The Warlord’s brilliant tactics have allowed us to stop General Drogue’s Eastern Force and slow General Holtz’s Western Army to a crawl. We are holding our own and it should continue with your efforts.


Robert Creed.

Robert dictated that message to me and I have decided to add the following. His report is accurate, however Scard, though brilliant, cannot hold out forever. The Dragon Kings maintain that we should evacuate to their kingdom and will not help in any other capacity at this time. Heroes flood in from Hillcrest, but unless we gather military aid from one or more kingdoms en masse we will lose a war of attrition. Scrad is convinced of our success, I pray he is not misguided. Your next mission must not fail to bring us aid. Otherwise there may not be a Castelon on your return.

Councilwoman Glorissa Trenshire
Security Advisor

A fireside chat

Jamir pours his mind flayer into a bowl and watches intently…

.....I sure hope this whole Gregory thing works out… I mean… He’s the only real hope this kingdom has right now… and that’s not saying much… He’s got no experience whatsoever… no confidence… no leadership qualities… but still… a better option that the brothers that remain… On the up side, maybe, just maybe, we can make something of this boy. If we take the time and train his properly, he could be downright decent….

I really dont have the time for this… i mean… i guess he could tag along… but i’m not slowing down for anyone… I JUST DONT HAVE THE TIME.

You know…. You and me… We’re not that different. We’re both on a bit of a time limit here huh?? I mean… you could still make it someday… I cant keep you captive forever…. Just uhh… try not to hurt us good guys huh??

It is what it is i guess…

I wonder….

Do you think that your “Hosts” are still with you once you take over??? Just a little bit??? How cool would that be… me and you… I mean… My body can only take this juice for so long….

Yeah, maybe thats crazy… but dont worry little buddy… I’ll get you out eventually… I Promise


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