Dragon King. Red Dragon


Rexus is an old red dragon and one of the Dragon Kings of Freehold. He is a terror to behold and is a legendary fighter. Rexus is a living legend as he is the only living offspring of Malthax the Overlord. To gaze upon Rexus is to glimpse upon the terror the world faced hundreds of years ago. Not a mere beast, Rexus’s wit is as sharp as his teeth and he often speaks in a scathing, mocking tone. It is puzzling why a creature of such power and evil sides with the Dragon Kings


Rexus is the spawn of Malthax himself. He is only known to have engaged in a handful of campaigns towards the end of the First Dragon War and is more known for his activities during the Period of Tranquility when he was a bodyguard for his sire. Rexus was away from Malthax’s fortress when he disappeared along with his brothers.

During the Second Dragon War, Rexus went into hiding as he was the primary target of the Dragon Warlords. He emerged during the Third Dragon War to fight the Warlords, but was shunned at it’s conclusion. He answered Tannhauser’s call and has not left Freehold since.


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