Protomer Draves

Sixth Son of Castelian Draves. Justicar of Harfax


Protomer is a human in his early 20s of medium build with coal black hair. He is often dressed in the regalia of his office, a black robe with a dark blue shawl. He is fierce in his demeanor, considering everything to be a contest.


Protomer is the sixth son of Castelian Draves. He is 23 years old and has moved suddenly up the Executive Enforcement ladder and is the youngest Justicar in Harfax. He is renowned for being very stern, but fair and not without compassion. He is politically minded and holds many conferences at the local universities about the government and the edicts of his father. Recently, Protomer has publicly spoken about his future plans as Storm Lord, a gesture that some consider an aspect of his confidence and others consider evidence of his bravado.

Protomer Draves

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