Lord Virgil Croak

Grandmaster of the Knights of Solaris


Virgil is a powerfully built elf of older age. He has long blonde hair and eyes so blue they almost appear black. Though not particularly tall, Virgil’s presence alone make him appear to be a giant. A Paladin of Solaris, Virgil is frequently dressed in shimmering silver armor with ornate holy symbols carved into the metal. He has an exceptionally deep voice for an elf and speaks with a kind, though absolute, authority.


Virgil was born in Amil sometime towards the end of The Third Dragon War. His actual age is unknown, but he is at least 130 years old. He participated in the final battles of the war and was known to be a powerful paladin even then.

After the war, Virgil traveled the land as a Knight of Solaris. He visited every kingdom (with the exception of Dwermore) doing good deeds and vanquishing evil. Legends of Virgil’s actions are impressive tales, having him completing amazing tasks such as besting a vampire lord in the Varghen Mountains or single handedly stopping an major horde of the Marthosa Orgres. Virgil is thought to be able to call down amazing miracles when the need was dire enough. He often operated on his own, though occasionally joining a party of heroes to aid in great quests.

His great deeds became so well known that he was invited by Lord Bulin Virak, 8th Grandmaster of the Knights of Solaris, to journey to the Kingdom and accept position as High Knight Militant of the Order. Virgil declined until his latest quest was completed, and accepted the position in 91 AW. As High Knight, Virgil organized major quests for the Knights of Solaris to go on. He insisted on taking is yearly quest abroad during his stay.

In 107 AW, Lord Virak died of old age. His last order was to elevate Virgil to the rank of Grandmaster. This decision was supported by the Church and Virgil became the 9th Grandmaster of the Knights of Solaris.

Since that time, Virgil has continue to be a force of good and justice in the world. However, many people are puzzled by his unexpected decree that the Knights of Solaris will not be joining the war in Eur as a group.

Lord Virgil Croak

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