General Lucas Reid

General of Coalition Army on Diplomatic Mission


Lucas Reid is a General of the Coalition States, is a tall and lean human in his late 40s. He has graying, dark hair and is frequently dressed in regalia of a General on a peacetime mission: Bone white armor with a red accents. He is very charismatic and intelligent.


Reid comes from Ironridge and was born into a military family. Reid joined the Army after graduating from local universities. He was a part of several campaigns in the Varghen Mountains of Eur. He excelled in intelligence gathering and was instrumental in stopping an assassination attempt on Ivon Cabot when he was in command of the Coalition after Karlvan Prosek was killed. This action placed him on the fast track to General and possibly to the High Command. General Reid is renowned for his bravery in combat and his intricate planning. He is currently on a diplomatic mission across Erenor to bolster support for Coalition forces against Castelon

General Lucas Reid

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