Amellania Telothien

A lithe elven woman with long black hair, violet eyes and a tongue as sharp as her rapier.


As a Scout, Amellania is very quick on her feet and can seemingly disappear in an instant. She knows her way around a dungeon and is excellent with her rapier or longbow. Her fighting style is to strike quickly while dodging in and out of combat. She can move without being seen or heard, and her steps cannot be tracked. She excels at disabling traps, picking locks, and finding valuable items. She is not as excellent at things like making friends. She is a good person, but can become very impatient and isn’t always very nice. Luckily she travels with a rough bunch, and they don’t mind.


Amellania is 134 years old and hails from the Elven nation of Volmir.

She was never totally comfortable there as a young elf, since social graces and beauty are so highly prized. Amellania is not unattractive by human standards but other elves saw her as plain and awkward. She found refuge in the woods and in abandoned ruins. She befriended an older elf named Sorellius who taught her about delving into ancient places fraught with danger. Once she had developed enough skill to survive alone, she traveled away from Volmir to seek fortune and adventure.

Amellania traveled North to the kingdom of Quan and took mercenary work to survive. After several years she was hired as part of a group being sent to retrieve an ancestral sword from a tomb. One of her fellow mercenaries was a tiny, filthy little man named Egg, who she was fairly sure was insane. He wielded strange power but spent every free moment leering at her and making inappropriate comments. He refused to bathe and was usually surrounded by flies. Once the artifact had been retrieved, the group disbanded. Much to her annoyance, Amellania quickly discovered that she couldn’t get rid of Egg, as he had started following her everywhere.

She left Quan, hoping Egg wouldn’t follow. Once she heard about the growing tensions between the Coalition States and Castelon, she decided to travel to Eur to offer her assistance. She (and Egg) ended up in the town of Hillcrest, where many other adventurers were also gathering.

Amellania Telothien

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