Volker Draves

Eldest son of the Storm Lord


Volker is a tall, powerfully built human with long black hair and iron gray eyes. He’s older, in his late thirties and bears heavy scars across the back of his skull. Volker is often dressed fine military grab bearing his many metals.


Volker is the eldest son of Castelian Draves and his first wife Isabelle. Growing up, Volker excelled in martial pursuits and became an officer in the military at age 17. He has lead a dozen campaigns against the enemies of Harfax including a terrible war that took him to the underdark for over a year. Volker is famous in Harfax and is a beloved hero to its people. He makes frequent appearances and there are monthly parades in his name. Volker has vowed to not take a wife until he is the Storm Lord, a matter that he openly considers a moot point.

Volker Draves

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