The Greatest of the Dragon Kings. Ancient Gold Dragon


Tannhauser is a massive gold dragon and one of the Dragon Kings. He is the oldest of the Dragon Kings and is often credited for forming the kingdom of Freehold. He is recognized as the oldest gold dragon in the world. He is humbling to behold and even other dragons give him wide berth. His voice carries the weight of years and a touch of incredible loss. Tannhauser is unusually quick to anger for a gold dragon and is stern in debate.


Tannhauser’s age is unknown, but there are legends of him fighting Malthax in the First Dragon War. This places his birth towards the end of the Age of Antiquity. He is believed to be the spawn of the Gold Dragon called “The Shinning One” who was killed my Malthax during the Age of Antiquity. Indeed, Tannhauser displays the awe of the legends of old and none can deny his nobility. is considered a hero of the Resistance and fought in every major campaign. During the last months of the First Dragon War Tannhauser removed himself from the Resistance, an action that branded him a traitor.

After the Battle of Ludon, Tannhauser went into hiding and was not seen during the Period of Tranquility. He emerged during the Second Dragon War and fought the Dragon Warlords. When the Second Resistance began, Tannhauser aided them during the Third Dragon War. He was openly rebuked by the survivors of that war and went to Eur at it’s conclusion.

He gathered the Dragon Kings together and founded Freehold in 19AW. During the kingdom’s early years, the Dragon Kings faced numerous attacks from power hungry creatures seeking their knowledge and strange abilities. The Dragon Kings rebuked them all and maintain a powerful hold over their lands.


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