Mysterious warrior dedicated to fighting bare-handed


Kros’s general code of conduct is lawful neutral. He fights with the deadliest weapons he has come to find, his own fists, backed by his long years of training.


Kros does not know where he is from. His earliest memories are of a burning city in the East. His skin is tanner than most, but still pale in the right light. He wears plain, blue/grey traditional monk’s robes, much like what the Shaolin wear. His hair is long, and only grows from the top of his head. He keeps it in a long braid, tied at the end with a white rope as he feels it works well in combat as a distraction. His tall body has been toned over the years of training and travel.

For some time he was a loner, keeping to himself whenever possible. He tries not to mistreat anyone, but will not tolerate being crossed. He has fought to stay alive before, and will not hesitate to do so again. Kros looks to grow in strength and ability in his travels. As he does, he feels new energy flow through his body. This new energy reinforces his main belief, that ones greatest weapons are their own bodies, and their greatest armor is their own metal.

In his travels, Kros came upon a small group of bandits near the town of Hillcrest, around the time of one of the town’s festivals. He defeated these ruthless men and was taken in my the town. It was one of the only times that he has felt at home. He soon met a group of adventurers who struck him in a very odd fashion. He felt compelled to join them, and help in the war against the Coalition.


Erenor Skorhn