Allister Dunscon

Lord of Dwermore, Leader of the Federation of Magic


Allister is a middle aged male half-elf. He’s just over five and a half feet tall with long red hair and piercing green eyes. He’s often dressed in formal robes of an archmage and is never seen without his staff and other items of power. Most of the time, Allister is accompanied by a throng of pseudonatural monsters.

Aliister is the Grand Magus of the Federation of Magic. He is renowned as a powerful wizard and the son of Steven Dunson, who was considered to be the greatest mortal wizard since the Age of Antiquity.


Allister was the son of Steven Dunscon and the elven witch Sherelliean. Allister was raised in the original kingdom of Dwermore and was a young adult when the kingdom was attacked by the Coalition in 86 AW. He fought alongside his father against Karlvan Prosek and watched Karlvan cut him down in battle. Before he could extract revenge, his mother Sherelliean whisked him away with a teleport spell. The kingdom was burned to the ground by the Coalition and Allister spent the next two decades in Volmir with his mother.

He returned to Eur in 108 AW. Little is known about the time he spent with his mother and what manner of dark arts he learned. In secret, he reorganized the Federation of Magic under his leadership and rebuilt the kingdom of Dwermore hidden somewhere in the Varghen Mountains.

It is from this kingdom that Allister rules with his mother at his side (inscestuously some say). Aided by grim and forgotten magics, Lord Dunscon is an enemy of the Coalition States, and some fear he is also an enemy of Erenor itself.

Allister Dunscon

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